BaşlıkDream Team
Kampanya It's Not Cheating When It's Your Dream Team
Reklamcı News UK
Marka The Sun
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Sektör Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Slogan It’s not cheating, when it’s your Dream Team.

In the UK, football is everything, with millions of supporters who swear lifelong allegiance to a single club. It is a cultural sin to support any other team – or players.  Yet, every year, when over a million fans play fantasy football games they choose players from rival clubs, selecting the best players from across the whole league to build their ultimate team. 


This unspoken taboo was the insight for our integrated campaign in which football fans are trying to deal with the guilt of turning traitor against their beloved team.  But we tell them: It’s not cheating, when it’s your Dream Team.

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