BaşlıkAdopt a sticker
Kampanya Adopt a sticker
Reklamcı Colgate-Palmolive Company
Marka Hill's
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Sektör Pet Food, Pet Care Products & Services
hikaye Kind, sensitive and beautiful are adjectives not often associated with shelter animals. Many fail to understand they can be incredibly gentle and friendly. That’s why Possible Moscow have teamed up with Hill's Pet Nutrition and 'Adopt a Pet’, to challenge perceptions and find new homes for them. To do this they have created, ‘Adopt A Pack', a specially designed Telegram sticker pack and bot, which takes these animals and makes them part of people’s everyday conversations, breaking down prejudices along the way. The Telegram sticker pack consists of images of pets currently waiting for adoption. By sending a sticker with an animal that you like to a Telegram bot, you can get its biography, photos and advice on how to feed it. Whenever the ‘Adopt a Pet’ fund gets a new homeless pet, a new sticker is added to the pack and when the pet is adopted, its sticker disappears from the set.
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