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Chicago, United States
BaşlıkArity Identity and Website
Kampanya Arity Identity and Website
Reklamcı Allstate
Marka Arity
PostedMayıs 2017
Sektör Business Services
hikaye Arity, a telematics startup born out of insurance giant Allstate, was a newcomer in the technology space. Backed by nearly 9 decades of driving data, the new company needed to establish itself early on as a leader by clearly communicating its strengths, capabilities and differentiating factors at each touchpoint. This meant both leveraging its strengths coming from a legacy company, while also playing up its fun and disruptive startup personality. VSA and Arity collaborated to bring the brand to life through identity and expression and an enterprise website. The ongoing partnership expands beyond digital into further brand and product activation as the company continues to grow.
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