BaşlıkMother's Day Surprise
Kampanya Mother's Day Surprise
Reklamcı Kellogg's
Marka Kellogg's
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Sektör Breakfast Cereals
Slogan Let's make mornings great by having breakfast together
hikaye Research told us that busy mothers in Thailand rarely get to eat breakfast with kids in the morning as they are rushing for work and busy waking up kids and getting them ready for school.

Kellogg's wanted to change that for at least one day, Mother's Day. (Mother's Day in Thailand is on August 12, the Queen's Birthday.) We asked kids whose moms worked in an office about their moms. 5 of the kids interviewed said they didn't know what their moms liked to eat for breakfast as they had never seen them eat breakfast.

Kellogg's worked with these kids to plan a surprise breakfast for their moms for Mother's Day. It made their day as you can see from the looks of genuine joy on their faces.
felsefe Surprise busy moms in an office, who had never had breakfast with their kids, to have a breakfast together with their kids. Kellogg's helped the kids to serve up a delicious surprise to their mums.
Sorun Working mums in Thailand are pressed for time. They have to wake up early to wake up their kids for school, then rush the lil sleepyheads to shower, get dressed and eat a freshly prepared breakfast, before packing them off to school. Then they have to spend time in Bangkok's notorious traffic jams to get to work. Which means a lot of the time, moms can only eat en route to work. Some moms have never eaten breakfast with their kids.
Sonuç 5 mums were genuinely surprised. Kellogg's ended the online film for Mother's Day with a call to "Let's #makemorningsgreat by having breakfast together." Until today the film has got over 1.7 million organic views and a total number of close to 2.5 million views and has been shared about a thousand times with many positive comments.
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