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Sektör Banking & Financial Services, Investments, Stock Brokers
hikaye Wunderman Thompson, a WPP agency, announced today a new campaign for TCF Bank, celebrating the launch of “Helping You Take Care of You.” Self-care routines rarely include taking care of your financial self, and Wunderman Thompson wanted all consumers to see that financial health is still health, while highlighting that TCF bank is dedicated to “helping you take care of you.”

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, 64% of people cited money as a significant source of stress in 2019, and 58% of Americans had less than $1,000 in savings. Furthermore, FOMBA (Fear of Checking My Bank Account) was a common notion. These stats led Wunderman Thompson Minneapolis to look at banking in a new light by positioning financial health as part of overall health. Wunderman Thompson Data also recently launched the AnxietyIndex™ which indicates how the coronavirus is impacting Americans. The research explores the worries of Americans during this pandemic compared to past crises, which touch health, economic, and government issues all at once. So, it’s no surprise that during such an unprecedented crisis, American anxiety levels are at historic highs, yet there is still a clear opportunity for marketers to respond.

Focused deeply on the customer experience, Wunderman Thompson wanted to help position TCF Bank as a partner in financial wellness, which impacts broader health. And while many studies show how stress over finances can negatively impact the rest of your life, Wunderman Thompson wanted to change that.

Wunderman Thompson concepted and created this campaign, including TV, OOH, Digital Display, Social and a landing page with tips on achieving financial wellness. The media plan includes OOH (digital, print), digital display, TV, social media, live read radio. The agency also worked with production company Skunk with Egg films providing production services, Grey Ghost for music and mix, ditch for edit, Nice Shoes for color correction, and Volt for VFX and finishing.

"Banking and financial brands are really good at promoting products and services. But, they’re not always really good at empathizing with the stress of everyday life, with one of the biggest stresses being our finances. This observation led us to a new and fresh territory for the category. One that aligns to TCF’s core values of community and financial literacy. “Helping you take care of you” expresses what we all want from brands – for them to personally invest in our wellbeing,” said EJ McNulty, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Minneapolis.
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