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hikaye The home appliance company invited food bloggers to turn their heartwarming messages into delicious dishes. 5 bloggers with real touching stories about their loved ones came to Miele’s showroom to work with a professional chef who helped them with individual designs. Chicken, meringues, vegetables, cookies and other ingredients were used to create unique lettering. 94 hours of designers’ work and 236 hours of food tests were completed before the final dishes were ready, as original cooking techniques had to be used, some of them even had to be invented. The messages were not only baked inside Miele’s Generation 7000 ovens – they were shot inside them. Generation 7000 ovens have a unique FoodView function – a camera connected to your smartphone that lets you see your food, take pictures of it and control the temperature. This gave the campaign a unique angle that all of its materials were shot from. And there were many – from posters to a full building-size billboard.
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