Press Releases - Serviceplan Group - Serviceplan Group Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2019 Serviceplan Health & Life Goes Global with Formation of ‘Serviceplan Health’ as Germany’s First International Healthcare Agency Network Serviceplan Health’s global management team is comprised of Managing Partner Florian Bernsdorf, Creative Partner Mike Rogers and Global Business Director Jola Mazurek.

 Serviceplan Group is expanding its healthcare expertise in all Houses of Communication worldwide with the launch of a new international brand: ‘Serviceplan Health’. The new brand emerged from the Munich agency ‘Serviceplan Health & Life’. This makes Serviceplan Health the first international healthcare agency network from Germany.

The healthcare division of the Serviceplan Group has launched a major internationalisation offensive. To begin with, the new international Serviceplan Health brand is being established in all Houses of Communication throughout Europe including; Germany, Poland, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Russia. Serviceplan Health emerged from the Munich agency Serviceplan Health & Life, which has been one of the leading agencies in the German healthcare market for over 20 years and, for the sixth consecutive time, has been singled out as the most creative healthcare agency in Germany.


In this way, the Healthcare division is following the Serviceplan Group’s successful international model and launching the first international healthcare agency network from Germany.


Serviceplan Health’s global management team is made up of Global Business Director Jola Mazurek, based in Poland, alongside Managing Partner Florian Bernsdorf and Creative Partner Mike Rogers: Bernsdorf and Rogers are also Managing Partners of Serviceplan Health & Life.


In the Houses of Communication in various countries, Serviceplan Health will be managed by local partners who have an in-depth understanding of the key characteristics of their respective markets and take these into account when working together with clients.


In Poland, Serviceplan Health also has a key role not only as a regional hub for the company’s Eastern European activities, but also as a transcreation centre for rolling out global brand campaigns.


The core activities of the agency network include launching and relaunching healthcare brands – both for B2B and B2C. As part of its “Building Best Brands in Healthcare” mission, Serviceplan Health will be offering fully integrated brand communication concepts under one roof in every House of Communication throughout Europe – provided by highly specialised creative, medical, digital and media teams. In times when marketing activities are geared towards customer and patient centricity, this is often seen as being unique in the international agency market.


As well as this, a Medical Board was established consisting of top-class consultants and highly qualified medical authors. The interplay between medical experts and internationally renowned creative thinkers is instrumental in turning a brand into the best brand on the healthcare market.


Florian Bernsdorf, Managing Partner of Serviceplan Health and Serviceplan Health & Life explained:


“Serviceplan Health is our response to the demand for an innovative agency concept which offers our clients the opportunity to consolidate global budgets, whilst benefiting from our highly efficient integrated agency model. We believe that only strong and sustainable brands will be successful in the context of the increasingly global healthcare business. Owing to the complexity of the markets, it is no longer sufficient for brand managers to think and act in terms of individual disciplines. What is needed are concepts that are capable of being implemented at both a global and local level. Strong brands come about from the interplay of all disciplines – which now have a far greater influence on one another due, among other things, to the digital transformation. In the future, it will only be possible to manage brands with the necessary speed, flexibility and efficiency if the reins are held centrally.


In our Houses of Communication, where we pioneered the integrated agency model almost 50 years ago, we can offer all the necessary disciplines under one roof, which sets us apart from our competitors. This is what we now want to make available to our customers in the healthcare market on an international level.”


Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, added:


“The healthcare market is faced with major challenges and is highly competitive. Under the umbrella of our House of Communication, the Serviceplan Group combines creativity, media and technology. Integrating healthcare expertise in all Houses of Communication is a significant competitive advantage for us in a global context – one that will help us to further expand our healthcare programme and acquire new clients.”


Go to Serviceplan Health’s new website here.


The partnership with The BlocPartners, which has existed since around 2008, will be continued.

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DANIEL PEREZ APPOINTED CO-CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF SERVICEPLAN PARIS Alain Roussel, President of Serviceplan France (French subsidiary of the leading independent European communications group Serviceplan Group) and Hervé Poupon, Creative Director of Serviceplan Paris, have announced the appointment of Daniel Perez as Co-Creative Director of Serviceplan Paris.

Concerned about nurturing talent to contribute to the growth of the company, Alain Roussel and Hervé Poupon wanted, through this appointment, to recognize Daniel's talent and investment in the agency's creative growth, as illustrated by its entry into the ranking of the world's top 10 independent agencies in the Global Creativity Cannes Report 2018. Since joining Serviceplan in 2016, Daniel contributed to 70 French and international awards including the multiple award-winning Parisian Road Safety ‘Virtual Crash Billboard’ campaign.

Daniel Perez, 41, started his career in 2006 as a designer and editor at of the agency TBWA, with Erik Vervroegen. Voted "Young Creative Advertiser of the Year" by Stratégies Magazine in 2008, he worked in the TBWA network (London, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin, Paris) where he was involved in major campaigns for international brands including; Adidas, Nissan, Playstation, McDonald's, Amnesty International, Unilever, Michelin, Visa and Apple. He joined Serviceplan France in 2016. Multi-awarded by the most important French and international advertising festivals, Daniel is also a director of advertising films and short films.


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Serviceplan Campaign Creates ‘Be Maximal’ for MAXIMAL G, REWE Group’s Energy Drink Serviceplan Campaign has created a witty campaign for MAXIMAL G, the energy beverage of REWE Group. Titled ‘Be Maximal’, the unique campaign is aimed at Millenials.

We all use up way too much energy in our daily lives, whether we’re at work, shopping, or even sleeping, everything we do uses energy and we need this energy to survive. But how do we get as much energy as possible, without wasting too much of it?

A quirky campaign for energy drink Maximal G claims to have found the answer to this question, with a mockumentary featuring a cyclist who shows her creative yet obscure way of reaching her maximum energy level: a never-seen-before way to get the energy you need. And all this with just the help of a bit of quantum physics and a bike. Now that everyone knows just how easy it is, you can earn your extra dose of energy too. But of course, you could also just drink a can of “Maximal G”.

Serviceplan Campaign came up with the inaugural advert for the MAXIMAL G brand: ‘Be Maximal’ is an unconventional campaign targeting Millenials with its quirky depiction of a cyclist wearing pro-cycling gear and racing backwards down a country lane.

Michael Jaeger, Managing Director Consulting, Serviceplan Campaign commented: "MAXIMAL G is directed at young people who are always either online or out and about. With MAXIMAL G, the REWE Group has launched a product in the market which perfectly matches this kind of lifestyle. Our campaign exactly reflects that lifestyle and will, therefore, be extraordinary and surprising, just like the people that we want to reach out to.”

He continued: "In close collaboration with our colleagues from Neverest, E+P films and director, Matthias Thönnissen, we have been pursuing a modern content approach that puts the digital communication measures into the spotlight and distinguishes itself through shorter periods of implementation in order to consistently produce new and especially current contents for users." 

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Beck’s turns WhatsApp chats From Legendary Nights Out into Personalised Comics with “Heroes of the Night” App An unforgettable night of partying with friends is usually based around a WhatsApp group chat. As the night progresses, you end up with the ultimate archive of legendary stories which often end up disappearing into oblivion and being forgotten forever. Until the invention of the innovative Beck’s “Heroes of the Night” app, which enables every chat history to be turned into an original, personalised comic. Serviceplan Campaign International and Plan.Net Campaign were responsible for turning this idea into a reality.

With the “Heroes of the Night” app, Beck’s is launching a new initiative in keeping with its brand claim “You make it legendary”. From now on, WhatsApp users can simply transform their chat history into a comic and therefore recreate their epic night out with friends in the most unique way.

In cooperation with comic illustrator Matthias Schardt, more than 300 frames were created exclusively for the app. Each individual comic can be saved and shared. The “Heroes of the Night” app, which is available now from the App Store, transforms every member of the group chat into a comic character. Up to ten different characters are available in total, and background scenes and other features can also be adapted individually.

Serviceplan Campaign International, the beer brand’s agency of choice, and Plan.Net Campaign were responsible for the idea, concept development and realisation of the “Heroes of the Night” app.

Susanne Koop, Marketing Director Germany at Anheuser-Busch InBev explained: “As a brand, we are continuously seeking new ways to come into contact with our consumers. For me, ‘Heroes of the Night’ is an app that combines technological know-how and creativity to result in a highly relevant consumer experience,”

Markus Kremer and Thomas Heyen, Partners and Executive Creative Directors at Serviceplan Campaign International commented“The intelligence of the app makes it possible to depict any WhatsApp chat in an extremely authentic way – with locations, times and a varied selection of characters that makes every comic fun.”

Markus Maczey, Chief Creative Officer of the Plan.Net Group and Managing Director of Plan.Net Campaign added: “The main complexity of the programming consisted in bridging the non-existent interfaces of WhatsApp and bringing an entertaining logic to the generated comic.”

The user-generated comics can be saved as an image file or PDF and shared on all social media platforms.

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The Onehand-Cookbook from HiPP Takes the Stress out of Cooking with Young Children Sure to strike a chord with every parent of a young child: cooking with a baby or toddler around is already challenging enough. If only we had more than one pair of hands... Now HiPP and Serviceplan Campaign have come up with the brilliant idea of a Onehand-Cookbook, precisely so that you can hold your little infant in one arm, while simultaneously preparing a delicious meal with the other.

Babies are undoubtedly at their happiest when cradled constantly in the arms of their Mummy or Daddy. Unfortunately, some day-to-day activities don’t lend themselves to being carried out with a baby under one arm – cooking, for example. Which is precisely why Serviceplan Campaign has joined forces with HiPP to design the Onehand-Cookbook, containing healthy and delicious recipes for parents. These can be prepared quickly and simply with just one hand using a jar of HiPP baby food as their starting point.

The Onehand-Cookbook is beautifully illustrated by Ana Jaks with retro-style images inspired by the original HiPP logo of the 1970s. 

Matthias Harbeck, CCO Serviceplan Germany, explains the basic principles: “The cookbook contains 16 lovingly designed and beautifully illustrated recipes. British illustrator Ana Jaks was responsible for the vibrant, colourful illustrations, inspired by the HiPP logo that originated in New York back in the 1970s. And there’s also the special Onehand-Cuttingboard, which makes actions like chopping, peeling, piercing or opening a HiPP jar possible with just one hand. It also acts as a recipe card holder.”

HiPP’s Onehand-Cookbook is intended for multi-tasking parents. All the recipes developed by Claus Hipp are based on HiPP jars full of the best quality organic ingredients. Simply by using these jars, parents can save several steps in the food preparation process, such as chopping, blending or steaming. The recipes also make use of fresh ingredients to provide delicious, balanced meals that can be prepared in a matter of moments.

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Sune Sorensen Directs BMW Commercial About Hard Topics of Family Divide and Forgiveness for Huge Ramadan Launch Director Sune Sorensen creates highly emotional TVC for BMW to launch during Ramadan

Ramadan is a globally significant month, observed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide each year. With 1.8 billion Muslims Ramadan is becoming as important for advertisers as Christmas or the Superbowl. Since Ramadan is the month of giving and generosity, Brands - especially Automotive - offer consumers discounts on their products or services, which clutters the Automotive advertising landscape in the region. So BMW wanted to stand out from the car commercial masses with a TV spot that pulls at the heartstrings.

Director Sune Sorensen collaborated with Serviceplan Middle East on a story about two brothers, who reconcile during Ramadan (the month of forgiveness). Sorensen’s interpretation of the narrative turned into a beautifully told story that takes the audience on an emotional journey in which a father struggles with the heartbreaking memories of his brother, with whom he has had a falling out years ago. The denouement portrays a powerful moment of reconciliation where forgiveness wins over stubbornness and pride. The epic TVC has a cinematically stunning aesthetic and the director wanted to emphasize the importance of putting aside our ego and to forgive, in particular during a month such as the Ramadan, where families get together.  



Director Sune Sorensen: “I was equally humbled and excited to take part in this - it felt like one of those very special moments with a message that really resonated with me. Life is too short to waste it on pride or ego - we only stand to lose that way. And we gain so much from forgiveness and reconciliation. Love always wins.”

Filmed in Lebanon during a 2-day shoot, the commercial features Elie Mitri, a Lebanese actor Sorensen had spotted in a Grand-Prix award-winning film. 

Serviceplan Middle East conceived the campaign and Sorensen worked closely with the creatives throughout; Worldwide ECD, Jason Romeyko; ACD (Copy), Wayne Fernandes; and ACD (Art), Victor Farias. 

Sorensen continued: “The client and agency took a great leap of faith with me on this film. What started off as a 30 second commercial ended up as an epic 3 minute one-take, and it took a lot of courage for everyone to understand the value of that. I wanted to portray the film’s emotional development with a sense of immediacy by creating a proximity to the actor and his feelings of distress and turmoil while they happened. A pain that nor he, or we, could escape from because they appeared in the moment. This meant going beyond the natural boundaries of traditional commercials - to allow space for the internal process to externalize and to allow uncompromising authenticity with the characters. The strength of this approach became apparent almost the second we started shooting. The actors had room to truly convey their emotional distance and Elie could dig deep into his character’s feelings of remorse and resentment for not being able to reconcile with his brother during such an important month of the year - it was very hard to watch, even behind the camera, and let's just say the actors were not the only ones crying. The experience was very moving.”  

The commercial will be featured across on TV across the entire MENA region on Rotana Khaleejiah + MBC Drama (MENA) and Dubai TV.  It will also air online for the GCC region, and on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube).  There is a full-length directors’ cut as well as 15 second TV trailers and 1 minute cuts for social platforms. 

In the Director’s Cut, the film features a very famous song, “Say Something” by A Great Big World (it has several billion hits across social platforms and music streaming services). About the choice of song, Sorensen says: “I spent a great deal of effort getting this song. It meant the world to me. In fact, it so much so that I got in contact with Ian Axel and Chad King personally to convince them why their song was the only right song for me. Everything about this film came naturally to me, it almost spilled out of me, but I needed to feel the music in a way that was equally profound and instant. I adapted over 400 songs to the film during post production and we even composed several of our own but none of them felt right. Until I found “Say Something”. Not just because it was poetic, painful and beautiful, but because it told our story exactly the way I always imagined. The song’s emotional progression matched the narrative and actor perfectly, but the song was also meaningful on more levels. Amongst other, I found it symbolically fitting that many people know the song with Christina Aguilera’s voice - thus eliciting a sense of lost companionship similar to that of the story, but on a very personal level directly with the audience themselves - they will be anticipating her voice, but it never comes, and instead we get this powerful, solitary voice of a man in pain - exactly like our actor.” 

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Serviceplan Greater China Creates Internet Sensation on Chinese Social Media with Witty 999 Cold Remedy Campaign More than 430 million impressions of ‘999 Warm-Hearted Leggings’ print and digital campaign which captures imagination of the Chinese public and updates image of China’s Number 1 selling cold and flu medicine.

999 Cold Remedy is the top selling cold and flu medicine in China. Its classic “999” green and white box is one of the essential items in every Chinese household.


The brand’s look and feel had remained the same since it was first launched in 1991.  999 wanted to rejuvenate its brand image and to attract a younger generation to the product, while communicating 999’s core value “Feeling Warm, from Heart to Heart.”

View the case film here: 

In China people wear old-fashioned leggings during winter in order to keep the body warm and prevent colds. These leggings tend to be as outdated style-wise as the image of 999 Cold & Flu brand. Young people refused to wear these leggings, which made them more prone to catching a cold. So Serviceplan China reimagined winter leggings for a young generation, with tongue-in-cheek styles such as the; ‘Won’t Get Cold Youth’ which looks cold but is secretly warm inside; ‘Wearable Luck’ leggings which will make your wishes come true, ‘Regimen Punk’ that turn you into the hottest dancer at the club; and ‘Client’s Logo Bigger Version’, an ironic dig at the youthful obsession with wearing your designer’s logo as big as possible on your clothes. 

A series of retro posters designed by Danni Wang and Er Suo, Art Directors at Serviceplan Beijing, became a social media sensation, and the campaign became the hottest search on Wechat and Adquan, a leading online media and industry interactive information service platform for the Chinese advertising industry, and a trending hashtag and topic on the search engine Baidu and Weibo, the Chinese Twitter equivalent. It also reached the No. 2 spot on Weibo’s hot search and stayed there for 2 hours: usually the top 3 spots are taken by celebrity gossip. A video of the campaign had more than 21.5 millions views with a 130 million trending hashtag and 15,000 interactions.

More than 10 Government-owned media outlets shared the campaign. There was a 790% of increase on WeChat search on the day of launch, and a 560% increase of views on 999’s official WeChat feed.

Serviceplan Greater China Chief Creative Officer Chong Kin said: “The great thing is that more than 430 million impressions of the 999 Cold Remedy campaign have been generated through social media and mobile apps.”

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Sea-Watch Stages Powerful Campaign for Sea Rescue: "LIFEBOAT - The Experiment" gives a realistic insight into the fears of Mediterranean Refugees At least 6 people still die every day fleeing across the Mediterranean. In 2018 alone, at least 2,277 people attempting to cross the sea were unable to reach dry land.
As the work of civil sea rescue organisations is hampered, the proportion of deaths and missing persons in the Mediterranean has quadrupled since 2015. It is also alarming that 85 percent of Germans are not even aware of the extent of this crisis, according to a YouGov survey* commissioned by Sea-Watch.
Michael Schwickart of Sea-Watch explains: "When we started civil sea rescue in 2015, the mood in Germany was different. A few years later, the willingness to help and support has faded. But even in 2019, the Mediterranean remains the deadliest border in the world.”
Now is the time for the aid organization Sea-Watch to take drastic measures and make these dangers tangible for the general public: with "LIFEBOAT - The Experiment", documented in a film directed by Oscar-nominated Skye Fitzgerald. Leading psychologist Michael Thiel was on hand throughout the experiment as a consultant. 

40 volunteers experienced a simulated Mediterranean crossing in a rubber dinghy for "LIFEBOAT - The Experiment", which was developed together with five refugees who had survived Mediterranean sea crossings and told of their experiences and impressions. 
Based on the first hand accounts of these traumatic experiences, the simulation was designed to be as realistic as possible.
While the 40 volunteers were crowded together on a rubber dinghy in a maritime training facility, the motion of the sea, lighting conditions and background noise were constantly changing for five hours. During the course of the simulation, waves and ambient noise increased, and increasing darkness aggravated the situation. This made the experience even more exhausting for the participants. During the experiment, rescue divers and medical personnel ensured the safety of the participants throughout.

The result: a deeply moving experience that caused the participants to reevaluate their views of immigrants attempting dangerous sea crossings.

The majority of the participants became seasick and complained of dizziness and nausea.
Some of them vomited Seven participants aborted the simulation prematurely by jumping out of the boat and swimming to the edge of the pool - a decision that would mean certain death in the middle of the open sea. After five hours, all the volunteers agreed that only extreme despair and hopelessness could motivate people to take that risk. That no man can do such a thing voluntarily. "Of course, the experiences of refugees cannot be simulated entirely realistically, but the experiment nevertheless creates an approximation of the situation and emotions it evokes. “LIFEBOAT - The Experiment” underlines the
necessity of the sea rescue organization Sea-Watch and gives the participants a deeper understanding of the extreme danger faced by immigrants attempting such dangerous crossings”, said Schwickart of Sea-Watch.

The film: Skye Fitzgerald delivers a powerful 9-minute documentary film:
Under the direction of the Oscar-nominated director Skye Fitzgerald, the interviews of the refugees and participants in “LIFEBOAT - The Experiment”, as well as the entire experiment were filmed.

Skye Fitzgerald explained: "This experiment will be part of the dialogue that brings change. We are starting to think about how we can deal with this crisis in a more meaningful way. If we change even one person's opinion about the Refugee crisis with this experiment, then it was a complete and absolute success."
The creatives behind the project:

Together with Sea-Watch, Serviceplan Hamburg implemented the campaign "LIFEBOAT - The Experiment" - from conception and story development to the shoot, as well as the design and implementation of the campaign website.

Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group commented: "It was a challenge to create emotions and empathy for a topic with which we have all been familiar with via the media for some time. Saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea – this immediately creates images and headlines. However, the support for this cause is still quite limited and the topic has not been at the centre of the news cycle recently. With “LIFEBOAT - the Experiment” Sea-Watch intentionally chose a different way of creating
attention and reigniting the conversation around the lives lost at sea on a daily basis.”

Elements of the 360-degree campaign:
The 9 minute documentary film of "LIFEBOAT - The Experiment" was produced in German and English and can be viewed on the website: 
The film was shot in a maritime training facility in Northern Germany with a group of German volunteers. The campaign launches on April 25, 2019, and a trailer will be shown in Cinemaxx cinemas in Germany.
Awareness of the experiment is spread nationally and internationally through PR and social media with 15 and 30 second cut downs of the documentary. Background information on the experiment and interviews with the Refugees, Director Skye Fitzgerald and psychologist Michael Thiel are available on the campaign site. 

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The Wedding of the Year: Siri and Alexa say Yes to each other in Vienna In the run-up to EuroPride Vienna in June 2019, an unusual campaign draws attention to the LGBTQ+ destination Vienna. The Vienna Tourist Board, Serviceplan and Vangardist Magazine organised the most sensational wedding of the year: the wedding of Siri and Alexa and thus the world's first AI wedding. The film documentation of the symbolic wedding of the two smart speakers at Belvedere Castle can now be seen on numerous channels as well as on the campaign site

Vienna celebrates "Love for everyone". A very special wedding took place at Belvedere Castle: two world-famous AI women – Siri and Alexa – exchanged vows. The Viennese LGBTQ+ community celebrated the marriage of the language assistants in front of a crowded congregation which included Viennese LGBTQ+ celebrities Pandora Nox and Laksmi Wuggenig. Serviceplan Campaign and Plan.Net Campaign from Munich together with the Vienna Tourist Board and Vangardist Magazine were responsible for the conception and implementation of the spectacular and colourful staging.

Vienna Tourist Board Director of Tourism Norbert Kettner explains: "It is a true pleasure and honor to host EuroPride in Vienna from June 1-16, 2019. Vienna is a cosmopolitan kaleidoscope – a modern world city, where different lifestyles, diversity and respect are actively lived and where our many differences are perceived as our greatest strength. EuroPride, with its multifaceted program, is the perfect occasion to celebrate and explore a city that has emerged from being a hidden gem to becoming a hot spot for the LGBT community."

The publisher of Vangardist magazine, Julian Wiehl, adds: "With the first wedding of two artificial intelligences, we wanted to show that in 2019, smart devices can marry but not all people. Fortunately, marriage for all exists in Vienna, but in other countries the LGBTQIA+ community is still discriminated against. The EuroPride makes an important contribution to further reduce prejudices and malicious bad positions".

The wedding ceremony was made possible by the Alexa Skill "The Pride Skill" developed by Plan.Net Innovation Studio, which is officially available in the Amazon Skill Store. Markus Maczey, Creative Director of Plan.Net commented: “In addition to information about the EuroPride Festival, The Pride Skill contains a very special feature: with a special trigger set, a dialogue can be started between Siri and Alexa that leads to the symbolic marriage of the two language assistants. Only tools provided by Amazon are used for this."

Alexander Nagel, Creative Director of Serviceplan Campaign, adds: "It was fascinating to see how emotionally the wedding guests reacted to the marriage vows between Siri and Alexa. In the campaign, we were able to use technology in a skillful way to set an example for more humanity and equality."

The wedding campaign conceived by Serviceplan Campaign, Plan.Net Campaign and Plan.Net Innovation Studio will start on 25 April 2019. The focus will be on video and photo material taken during the celebrations at Belvedere Palace, which can be seen in the digital channels in particular.

The campaign site provides additional content about the smart bridal couple: In addition to exclusive wedding pictures, several short videos tell the entire love story of Siri and Alexa – from the first date to the honeymoon. And anyone can download the skill themselves, marry their Siri to Alexa and get in the mood for EuroPride 2019 in Vienna at the same time.

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‘Human Heart. Out of stock’: German organ donors encouraged to respond to shortage of hearts with Mediaplus Group campaign for Über Leben Foundation Over 10,000 people in Germany live in constant fear of death, because they are waiting, sometimes for years, for life-saving organs. On average three of them die every day, since annually there are only 955 people who donate their organs after death.

Munich, 11 April 2019 — In Germany, a country with an extreme shortage of organ donors, if only you could order a life-saving organ online. After all you can buy almost everything else online, often with a next-day delivery. However, many seriously ill people wait many years for a donor heart, often dying before receiving one.

So Mediaplus Group and Plan.Net Group collaborated on ‘HUMAN Heart. Out of stock’ – a campaign for the Über Leben Foundation designed to illustrate how many lives could be saved if more people signed up as a donor or made donations. An extraordinary online BILD shop was launched, carrying an offer with all the usual data and details, but the item was particularly unusual: a human heart.

Mediaplus Group and Plan.Net Group also used a multi-platform content management system in order to be able to display the "product ad" with the donor heart across all channels. Unfortunately, visitors to the page found that the heart was out of stock. The product page explained the reason: because there aren’t enough donors in Germany to alleviate the situation of patients awaiting transplant. With just two clicks visitors to the website could fill in an organ donor card.

In Germany you can voluntarily carry a donor card with you. The message of the campaign was to encourage people to carry a donor card: you can’t place an order to rescue your own life. One reason for the low number of donors in Germany is that many people have not yet made a decision on the question of whether they would like to donate their organs in the event of their death or filled in their organ donation card.

As a result of the initiative there was an increase of 220% in the number of people requesting the donor card, and 2.5 million media impressions resulted from the campaign.

Jorit Ness, Managing Director, Foundation Über Leben commented: “The action was unmistakably clear – no life on order. In order to improve the situation of the organ donation in Germany lastingly, it is essential that many more people make the decision to donate during their lifetime. People need to decide whether they would like to save another life in the event of their own death. Only about one third of the German population has an organ donor card – we wanted to change that with this campaign.” 

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French Federation for Research Into Epilepsy Launch campaign with Serviceplan France on International Epilepsy Awareness Day On ‘Purple Day’ – the 11th edition of an annual International day of Epilepsy awareness - the French Federation for Research into Epilepsy launch an unprecedented communication campaign to highlight epilepsy, and appeal for donations to fund the foundation’s research into the condition.

To coincide with International Epilepsy Day on 26 March 2019, the Fondation FranÇaise pour la Recherche sur ‘l’Épilepsie (FFRE), which supports research into epilepsy in all its forms, decided to convey their message in an unexpected and unique way. The Serviceplan France ‘Cash Épilepsie’ campaign aims to highlight the everyday experiences of people with epilepsy, and launch an appeal for donations.

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that affects more than 600,000 patients in France and 3 million people including caregivers, yet there is little public awareness of the condition within the general public.

The Fondation Française pour la Recherche sur ‘l’Épilepsie (FFRE) opened a fake pop up shop in Paris for 3 days, selling items which had belonged to people with Epilepsy. To illustrate the everyday reality of this little-understood condition, the boutique pretended to sell second-hand “cut price” objects. More than forty curious shoppers were drawn into the store, surprised to discover that the objects had all been broken or damaged by their previous owners during an epileptic seizure. The potential buyers then learnt the troubling stories behind the objects, such as a coffee table that had been broken when someone had fallen during a seizure and injured herself.

The salesperson was then able to raise the “customers” awareness about epilepsy, and explain that due to indifference or stigma about epilepsy, and a lack of funding and donations, they had to use a shocking ploy so that a store like that would never exist in reality.

The campaign was designed to highlight the condition of Epilepsy and make it a healthcare priority. The customers became the stars of an original video filmed using a hidden camera, which became the Foundation’s new online campaign: “Cash Epilepsie. Broken lives at cut down prices.”

Epileptic seizures most often take the form of unpredictable absences and bouts of unconsciousness that lead to falls. Depending on where they happen, these falls may have minor or serious consequences. So when you have epilepsy, the most ordinary living environments and the most ordinary everyday objects can be potentially dangerous. And even for patients whose treatment is under control, the fear of seizure is constant. They are
afraid of dangers caused by the seizures and of how other people view the disease.


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FORMER OGILVY GERMANY CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER MICHAEL KUTSCHINSKI TO JOIN PLAN.NET IN HAMBURG The acclaimed creative director is joining Plan.Net’s management team to further develop the agency group’s digital creation activities in Hamburg. Before moving to Plan.Net, Kutschinski was CCO Germany and Global Creative Leader Customer Engagement & Commerce at Ogilvy.

Plan.Net is delighted to announce this new injection of creative power in Hamburg, where Michael Kutschinski is to take on the position of Managing Director Creation at Plan.Net UX. In his new role, he will be working closely alongside founder and Managing Director Christoph Mecke in running and further expanding the agency, which specialises in user experience. Here, the main focus will be on the interplay between creativity and technology in optimising user experience across all digital channels. He also plans to provide ongoing assistance to existing Plan.Net clients in their internationalisation activities. Michael Kutschinski will be reporting to Klaus Schwab, Managing Partner of the Plan.Net Group.

As Michael Kutschinski explains: “I’ve been interested in the area of user experience for 25 years. The interface between people and machines – and therefore also between people and brands – has become almost infinite during this time. Together with Plan.Net UX, we will use our creative expertise to ensure that all the interaction points for our clients offer maximum benefits.”

Until the end of last year, Michael Kutschinski was Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Germany and Global Creative Leader Customer Engagement & Commerce at Ogilvy, Berlin. He spent the last 15 years at the WPP subsidiary, which he joined in 2004 as Executive Creative Director, before being promoted to Global Chief Creative Officer of OgilvyOne Worldwide until OgilvyOne was integrated into Ogilvy. During this time, Kutschinski (53) looked after major accounts such as BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Nescafé, o2 and Volkswagen. His CV also includes positions at Jung von Matt in Hamburg and at Pixelpark in Hamburg and New York. Over the course of his career, Kutschinski has won over 350 awards and has been on the panel of judges at Cannes Lions, The One Show, the Art Directors Club and the New York Festival.

Plan.Net UX Managing Director Christoph Mecke is delighted at this new creative addition to the team: “Michael Kutschinski and I are both very passionate about digital brand experiences. These days, an outstanding user experience is the most important interface between brands and people. I am very much looking forward to continuing this mission together with him.”

Klaus Schwab, Managing Partner of the Plan.Net Group, adds: “We are very proud to have one of the top creatives in the digital sector as part of our management team here in Hamburg. Michael Kutschinski combines first-class creative expertise and vast international experience with an in-depth understanding of all things digital. Together with him and Christoph Mecke, we want to focus our attention even more on developing relevant experiences for major brands.” 

2019-03-14 00:00:00
Creative Frontman Richard Chong Strengthens Serviceplan Malaysia Team Serviceplan Malaysia have hired Senior Creative Director Richard Chong to work closely with General Manager Elaine J. Chew with the remit of expanding Serviceplan business in the region.

Founded in 2017 to increase the footprint of Serviceplan Group in the APAC region, Serviceplan Malaysia is the leading creative agency for BMW Malaysia, the fringe agency for OCBC Bank Malaysia and recently won new business with TA Management. An integrated brand agency thinking globally and acting locally, Serviceplan Malaysia has a focus on integration, data and technology as key factors in the evolution of brands.

Elaine J. Chew, Serviceplan Malaysia General Manager commented: “Richard and I worked together years ago, and we both had a good working chemistry which allowed us to come together again. Richard is passionate, has an eye for details and most importantly is a good listener. Richard takes the time to understand the brands and issues at hand; resulting in great creative solutions. Richard is also a good mentor and inspiration to the Creative and Brand Management team here at Serviceplan Malaysia.

After gaining a B.F.A. in Visual Communications and Art Direction in the USA, Richard returns to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to embark on an advertising career which has seen him work at high profile global agencies including; Y&R, JWT, Grey, McCann and Publicis. He left Malaysia to take up a bigger role in Beijing as Group Creative Director at McCann Healthcare, where he also served as a Global Creative Council member within the network. Richard has led various creative teams and was responsible for some big brands, both in Malaysia and China including; Maxis, Petronas, OCBC, Astro, Nestlé, BMW, Tourism Malaysia, Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt & Benckiser,

Richard’s work has been recognised with creative and effectiveness awards including; D&AD, LIA, One Show, AdFest, Spikes, Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards (AMEs), PMAA and the EFFIEs.

As an idea-based “Creative Frontman”, he’s looking forward to continue pushing effective media-neutral creative solutions for all brands under his care.

2019-03-13 00:00:00
Professional Racecar Driver Aurora Straus Stars in BMW ‘Power Has Come A Long Way’ Spot by Serviceplan ‘Power has come a long way’, a digital film from BMW starring Aurora Straus with an all-women crew helmed by Director Rachel McDonald with Director of Photography Rachel Morrison - the cinematographer on the Oscar-winning Black Panther- launched on International Women’s Day. The spot from Serviceplan New York tells the story of Aurora Straus, a 20-year-old professional racecar driver, Harvard freshman and founder of ‘Girls With Drive’

The film marks the launch of Aurora Straus’s ‘Girls With Drive’ website. BMW is a proud supporter of Straus, who currently races in the 2019 Pirelli World Challenge season in a BMW M4 GT4. The new video covers Aurora’s initial deferral of Harvard in order to compete in motorsports.

Straus started ‘Girls With Drive’, a non-profit focused on helping girls and young women get involved in male-dominated industries (particularly politics, business, and STEM, which includes the automotive industry). Her main focus is a mentorship program that connects successful professional women with young women and girls who are interested in the business side of the automotive world. In addition to the mentorship program, she is developing a ‘school tour’ and an internship program. 

2019-03-11 00:00:00
Sarenza and Serviceplan France Collaborate with BECOMTECH to Train Next Generation of Women Coders in France To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, French shoe brand Sarenza and Serviceplan France developed #ChangerLeCode with BECOMTECH to improve gender equality in the digital tech professions.

To coincide with International Women’s Day 2019, a coding training program for young women designed to improve gender parity in the digital industries, has been developed by Sarenza with Serviceplan France and BECOMTECH.

For Sarenza, a French company specializing in the online sale of shoes and accessories, equality between men and women at work is a priority topic: 64% of the company’s employees and 6 of the 10 members of its Management Committee are women.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th2019, Sarenza decided to illustrate this commitment by highlighting the work of BECOMTECH, a French national association whose ambition is to help young women break into the world of digital and computer programming. BECOMTECH promote gender parity in the profession of digital and computer programming and introduce girls to digital and computer sciences at high school and college.

Sarenza Director General, Hélène Boulet Supau,commented: “Women represent only 16% of tech employees. And, although for years many companies and associations have been working to raise awareness, demonstrate and alert people to the fact that there are too few women in the digital business, the results are not tangible enough. Because of the mix of trades, companies are at the end of the journey: the operational change is cultural, and it is everyone's business. And at Sarenza? We have been working for many years to engage and change the mindset about gender parity in employment. "

Serviceplan France created an online film which reveals some of the outdated presumptions that coding is not a profession for women, when every man interviewed automatically presumes the codes he is shown were made by a man. The Sarenza training programme enables girls to learn coding, and paves the way for a new generatio of women coders who could potentially change the male-dominated industry in France where only 2% of coders are women.



2019-03-07 00:00:00
MATTHIAS BRÜLL OVERSEES MEDIAPLUS INTERNATIONAL Matthias Brüll is joining the Serviceplan Group as Managing Director Mediaplus International. In this newly created position, the experienced media strategist will be overseeing the expansion of the Mediaplus Group’s international activities from May 2019 onwards. Prior to taking on this role, Brüll spent twelve years working in various management positions within GroupM, most recently as Chairman and CEO of Wavemaker Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Europe’s largest independent media agency Mediaplus is taking another important step towards internationalisation. This May, Matthias Brüll will be assuming the newly created position of Managing Director Mediaplus International. The 51-year-old can look back on many years of experience in the German and international media industry and will be managing the further development of Mediaplus’ international activities from the headquarters of the Serviceplan agency group in Munich.

“Matthias Brüll is an excellent media strategist with a high level of international expertise, who has been at home in the increasingly complex media and communications industry for many years now. With him on board, we will be stepping up the international activities of the Mediaplus agencies as part of the Serviceplan Group’s overall strategy – with the goal of further establishing the only independent German global network. I personally hold Matthias in very high regard and look forward to him joining us here at the House of Communication in Munich very soon,” says Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group.

Matthias Brüll previously held various positions at global network GroupM for twelve years; from 2006 to 2010 as Managing Director at MediaCom Germany, and until 2015 as CEO of MEC Germany. Subsequently, Brüll became responsible for GroupM’s business operations in Germany as CEO for two years, before joining the newly established media agency Wavemaker in 2017 as Global Chief Product Officer, where he went on to become appointed Chairman and CEO for Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Before developing his career at GroupM, the graduated business economist worked in senior positions within the media sector, first at Daimler AG and then at the BMW Group.

Matthias Brüll: “I am really looking forward to taking on this exciting new task at Europe’s largest owner-managed agency group and, together with a strong team, to successfully steering Mediaplus International into the future. Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear, forward-looking range of products to help them find their way around the rapidly changing communications sector and to develop successful, tailor-made solutions that can be used across the market as required.”

As the Managing Director of Mediaplus International and Managing Partner of Mediaplus Group, Matthias Brüll will manage the international business of the Mediaplus agency group and report to Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group. 

2019-03-05 00:00:00
Reporters Without Borders Germany and Serviceplan Turn Fonts of Banned Newspapers into Symbols of Press Freedom. A unique campaign that reconstructs the fonts of banned daily newspapers to bring them back into circulation, as “Fonts for freedom”. 

More and more media organizations are censored or closed and journalists arrested. These are drastic measures taken by oppressive regimes to limit freedom of press. As a reaction Reporters without Borders Germany launched the campaign FONTS FOR FREEDOM, conceived by Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg to turn the fonts of prohibited newspapers into symbols of press freedom. Reporters Without Borders Germany reconstructed the house fonts of 9 newspapers banned by governments in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Hungary and Russia. Countries with a track record of suppressing freedom of press. The fonts were then given to major German newspapers like Süddeutsche, Die Welt, TAZ and Augsburger Allgemeine. They used the Fonts for Freedom on their title- and media pages along with matching topics. This way, every single daily became a symbol of press freedom.

Further initiatives followed: Reporters Without Borders Germany launched a striking demonstration against one of the most notorious enemies of press freedom: Turkish president Erdoğan. When he visited Germany in 2018, he was confronted with billboards promoting press freedom as he left Berlin airport. The special: the confronting headlines where set in exactly the fonts of the newspapers he had recently banned.

"We are very happy to create a platform together with Reporters Without Borders Germany to bring banned newspapers back in the public spotlight." said Sön Becker and Eduard Hörner, responsible creative directors.

To give the campaign an even wider reach billboards, posters and banners set additional statements for press freedom. All were using the fonts of previously banned newspapers.

Supporters of the ‘Fonts for Freedom’ campaign could make a personal stand for press freedom online by writing their own statement using a Font for Freedom or supporting the charity with donations. On the website there is a growing permanent archive for fonts of shut down newspapers. Everyone is invited to download or directly use these fonts to spread the message on the streets and on social media.

The ‘Fonts for Freedom’ campaign was a successful statement in support of freedom of press. The campaign saved banned newspapers from being forgotten and supports journalists worldwide who fight for freedom of the press. Reporters without Borders Germany strongly believe that press freedom is one of the foundations of democratic society, and their mission is to stand up for freedom of press throughout the world.

Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg worked closely with selected typographers to recreate the fonts of banned newspapers. The motivation was to use these fonts to take a symbolic stand and illustrate that the truth cannot simply be erased through censorship. Because there is no freedom without press freedom. 

2019-02-26 00:00:00
Best Brands 2019: Adidas, Lego, Lillet and Amazon Receive Coveted Brand Awards at Ceremony in Munich The 16th annual Best Brands awards took place in Munich on 20th February, where the strongest brands of the year were honoured during an awards ceremony with musical performance by Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland. Moderated by Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, the awards presented during the ceremony included; Adidas – ‘Best German Corporate Brand International award’; Lego – ‘Best Product Brand’ award; Lillet - "Best Growth Brand"; and Amazon in the special category ‘Best Digital Life Brand’.

Since its inauguration in 2004, the annual Best Brands event has become an influential industry fixture, and the 16th edition of the awards gala recognized Germany's best brands in Munich on 20 February. Best Brands is the only marketing award to measure the strength of a brand on the basis of two criteria based on extensive representative GfK studies: actual economic market success and the attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers.

The evening gala at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich was attended by more than 700 invited guests from the business, trade and media industries, as well as selected VIPs, who gathered to celebrate the award winners in the categories; "Best German Corporate Brand International"; "Best Product Brand"; "Best Growth Brand"; and this year's special category "Best Digital Life Brand".

More than 14,000 consumers take part in the various Best Brands studies and, form the empirical basis of the study together with 30,000 households of GfK Consumer Panels, and 27,000 stores of GfK Retail & Technology. The consumers annually select the winners from more than 300 potential Best Brands candidates from around 40 sectors.

The coveted marketing prize is now also awarded annually in China, Belgium, Italy, France and, for the first time this year, in Russia. The success of Best Brands, which has grown over the years, is the result of the professional cooperation of all partners – GfK, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, WirtschaftsWoche, Markenverband, DIE ZEIT, the audio marketer RMS and the Serviceplan Group.

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Amazon, Samsung, Cristaline, Bosch, Huawei and Bose Awarded at 2nd Edition of Best Brands France Best Brands of several European countries rewarded at awards ceremony on February 11th in Paris, according to exclusive study conducted by GfK.

On February 11th 2019, the awards ceremony of the second French edition of Best Brands was held at the Théâtre des Sablons in Paris.


Best Brands rewards the most successful brands in several European countries, according to an exclusive study conducted by GfK. During the ceremony the AMAZON, SAMSUNG, CRISTALINE, BOSCH, HUAWEI and BOSE brands were named 2019 winners in four categories, based on their scores obtained from 4,500 French consumers surveyed at the end of 2018.


Launched in Germany in 2004 by Serviceplan and GfK, Best Brands is a brand performance barometer. Best Brands measures the strength of brands each year in several European countries, based on a cross-analysis of their real economic success in their reference market, and the emotional preference of consumers. Jacques Séguéla kicked off the event which brought together more than 400 decision-makers from the world of business, marketing, communication and media at the Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine. 


During the ceremony the AMAZON, SAMSUNG, CRISTALINE, BOSCH, HUAWEI and BOSE brands were rewarded in the following categories, followed closely by other prestigious brands.


To establish this barometer of brand performance, GfK collected at the end of 2018 the opinion of a more in depth sample than that of 2018, with 4,500 French consumers questioned on 365 brands in 27 categories of product, according to the following methodology:


Why is Amazon leading the way? Winner for the 2nd time, Amazon increases its Best Brands score in 2019 thanks to a good performance on the experience criterion, considered strong and positive. The distributor therefore obtains French consumers a score of 53 (against an average 2019 to 31). They very much note the experience offered by Amazon, moreover on the rational criteria such as the quality of the service, the respect of the promise, as in the emotional dimensions. The American giant is clearly identified as "market leader" by consumers, who abound on the criteria of performance and reputation (reputation and positioning).


BEST PRODUCT BRAND: SAMSUNG : number 1 all categories

Samsung is once again named Best Product Brand in all product categories. Its Best Brands score is driven by strong economic performance elements, including its Cross-Selling indicator at 30% above the 2019 average. This reveals the Korean brand's ability to convert French consumers into consumers in multiple product categories for future purchases. Samsung also presents a high ‘Share of Soul’: this component is fuelled by a loyalty score almost double the 2019 average (58 versus 33). French consumers attribute a status of ‘friend to the brand’, revealing a long-term relationship of trust. The criteria of singularity ("different from others") and innovation are also noted very positively in the study.


Cristaline: a relationship of trust

Cristaline Water is the first consumer brand in the Best Brands 2019 ranking and 2nd in the Top 10. With a loyalty score twice above average, the brand has a good base on the economic criteria of ‘Share of Wallet’. It is also positively evaluated on the ‘Share of Soul’ criteria. French consumers give the brand high marks on the criteria of Trust, Response to Expectations and Quality. These indicators are particularly sensitive in the Agri-food universe, and are crowned with a score of 54 on the "Good Quality / Price" criterion - more than twice the average found in the Best Brands 2019 study.



The German brand Bosch is for the second time in the Top 3 Best Product Brand France, and is the 1st brand in the category Home & Garden. Bosch is particularly illustrative of the experience: French consumers very positively consider the criteria of Trust, Quality and Service. The brand is considered reliable, delivering the product promise. It is also considered a "close friend" by French consumers. This relationship, combined with a solid ‘Share of Wallet’, is illustrated by a very good cross-selling valuation (the brand's ability to recruit and convert consumers outside of its benchmark product category).

Best Growth Brand : Huawei

Huawei is the 2019 winner for the progression of its Best Brand score between the 2018 and 2019 editions. The Chinese telecoms player sees its good performance on the criteria of ‘Share of Wallet’ confirmed by a positive memory imprint, and especially higher than the 2019 average. This is partly revealed by a high level of satisfaction among French consumers. They attribute positive ratings in Innovation (+ 32% compared to the average), Design (+ 24%) and its positioning in the trends of the period ("Fashion" + 35%). Huawei is entering the consumer landscape and can now count on an acquired community, with a Loyalty score well above the 2019 average.


Best Golden Age Brand: BOSE

Bose is the brand with the Best Brands Best ‘Golden Age’ score: consumers aged 50 and over, which the Best Brands study is focusing on this year. This population now represents more than 25 million consumers in France and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Far from clichés, the Golden Age are mostly active and have 2/3 of monthly income over 3000 €. They have a relationship with brands supported by values of Protection, Simplicity and Freedom, including a particular expectation on the criteria of quality / price, eco-responsibility and transparency on manufacturing processes. 

Bose is therefore very positively perceived by the Golden Age in France. They even give the brand double marks compared to the average Best brands 2019 on the criteria of Quality, Innovation and Trust. Bose is thus in sync with Golden Age values and their expectations of brands. The brand is also distinguished by its Loyalty score (74 against an average of 33), ranking it even No. 1 across all categories on this criterion among French 50 and over. A criterion that is all the more interesting as the brand shows a significant potential inCross-selling.

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New York City Commuters Experience the Trauma of Being Caged in Powerful Experiment from World Animal Protection US and Serviceplan Campaign International. The objective of the new World Animal Protection US experiment called ‘Your Turn’ is to raise awareness about the poor conditions farm animals are held in and encourage people to help farm animals live cage-free lives and consider animal welfare when purchasing meat. 

Documented in Grand Central Station in NYC, the experiment shows people, as they panic whilst attempting to get out of turnstiles in the subway. It’s designed to illustrate the inhumane conditions faced by the majority of factory farmed animals in the United States. At an average of 270 pounds per person, per year, people in the US eat more meat than almost every other county. This unsustainable, increasing demand for meat forces more and more animals into overcrowded, cruel factory farms with detrimental impacts for animals, people and the environment. 

In the United States more than nine billion chickens are raised for food, the vast majority in overcrowded sheds where they never see the light of day. They are bred to grow abnormally large resulting in short, painful lives. An estimated 95 percent of pigs are raised on factory farms where three out of four mother pigs spend almost their entire lives in a cage, unable to care for their piglets and interact with their fellow pigs. For these social, intelligent animals this is a life of torture. 

Thomas Heyen, Executive Creative Director & Partner, Serviceplan Campaign International commented: “Once a human being forms a habit, it’s a long way to change it. You need drastic measures to open the eyes of the consumer. Especially when it comes to addressing problems like factory farming.”

Alesia Soltanpanah, Executive Director, World Animal Protection US said: “Factory farming is the largest form of animal cruelty in the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Serviceplan to develop this experiment to raise awareness of the suffering that billions of animals experience every day in the United States.”

“This project will assist us in furthering our goal to end factory farming. Industrial farms are the single largest cause of global warming and the conditions in which animals are raised leads to the routine use of antibiotics for animals and the rise of superbugs. Higher welfare farming is better for animals, people and the planet,” continued Soltanpanah. 

The documentation was put into an online film directed by Niklas Warnecke from Instant Waves and music composed by 2WEI Music. The film links to the World Animal Protection US website where people can make a donation or find out more about the vital work of the charity:

2019-02-12 00:00:00
Best Brands 2019: The Top 10 by Category



The strongest brands of the year will be honoured on 20 February 2019 at the 16th Best Brands Awards, which will take place at Munich's Bayerischer Hof hotel. The awards have been presented since 2004 in the categories "Best Corporate Brand", "Best Product Brand", and "Best Growth Brand", as well as in a special category that changes every year, with attention focusing each time on a different key area. The special category for 2019 will be "Best Digital Life Brand". The brands that made it into the top ten from the wealth of potential best brands have now been decided in each category.

Among the prominent guests of this year’s gala, hosted by the German entertainer Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, are the former President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso as well as Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland. 

Best Brands – the event that has developed into the most important in the industry calendar since its inception in 2004 – will celebrate the top brands in Germany, as identified in the course of a representative GfK study, for the 16th time on 20 February. The winners will also be honoured this year at a celebratory gala event in Munich's Bayerischer Hof hotel. Awards will be presented in the "Best Corporate Brand", "Best Product Brand", and "Best Growth Brand" categories as well as in this year's special "Best Digital Life Brand" category. The "Best Corporate Brand" has also been analysed regularly at the international level since 2012. The focus for 2019 is on the "Best German Corporate Brand, International".

The growing success of Best Brands over the years since it was first established is the result of professional cooperation between each of its partners: GfK, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, WirtschaftsWoche, Markenverband, DIE ZEIT, RMS, and the Serviceplan Group. The coveted marketing prize is now also awarded annually in China, Italy, Belgium, and France. 2019 will also see the awards presented for the first time in Russia. 

2019-01-31 00:00:00
Petra Strobl joins Serviceplan Group as Global Head of Corporate Communications Petra Strobl has taken over the role of Global Head of Corporate Communications for the Serviceplan Group, responsible for the corporate communication worldwide. She has longterm experience in the media and entertainment industry and was previously responsible for PR and communications of The Walt Disney Company Germany. 

As Global Head of Corporate Communications, Petra Strobl will be responsible for the worldwide corporate communications of the Serviceplan Group at the company's headquarters in Munich. Together with the team in Munich, Hamburg and London, Strobl manages the communication and PR of the agency group and its brands Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Facit, Plan.Net, Solutions and Consulting both nationally and internationally.

Petra Strobl succeeds Christiane Wolff, who has left the company after seven years at her own request to pursue new opportunities.

With Petra Strobl (47), the Serviceplan Group has won a communications expert with many years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Most recently she held the role of Head of PR & Communication at The Walt Disney Company in Germany being responsible for the communication and PR-campaigns of all divisions as well as the Corporate Communication of the company. Strobl began her 15 years tenure at Disney as PR manager for the studio sector, and in 2010 she took over the management of the entire company PR.

Before joining Disney, Strobl spent seven years at VIVA TV, the leading German music TV channel at the time, where she held several roles including producer of the weekly cinema show "Film ab". She began her journalistic career in 1990 with a traineeship at RTL Radio as a news editor and on-air presenter, where she worked as a responsible editor until she studied political science in Bonn.

Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group, emphasizes: "I am delighted to have won Petra Strobl as our new global Head of Corporate Communications. Against the background of the growing complexity, not least of all of corporate communications, I see her with her know-how, especially in the international context, as the ideal candidate for this important position. I am very much looking forward to working with her and wish her a successful start".

Petra Strobl on her new role: "I am excited to be part of such a creative and innovative company and am looking forward to making the numerous campaigns, initiatives and successes of the Serviceplan Group visible together with the team, with a special focus on the ongoing internationalisation. During my professional stations at well-known media and entertainment companies I was able to experience the responsibility that goes along with the awareness of a brand or a company and would like to use this experience profitably for Europe's largest owner-managed communications agency".

The Corporate Communications and PR team of the Serviceplan Group

The 9 team members of Serviceplan Group's corporate communications team serve more than 40 specialist agencies, which are based at 38 locations worldwide with more than 4,100 employees. Lee Sharrock, the London-based former Saatchi & Saatchi Director of Global Creative PR, supports the international business in a global communications capacity. Marina Klöting in Hamburg is in the lead for the Digital Corporate Communication of the Serviceplan Group; At the Munich headquarters, Claudia Kirchmair with Sina Vonhausen are responsible for the brands Serviceplan, Solutions and Consulting, Miriam Lenz with Lisa Pandtle for the brands Mediaplus and Facit and Anna Schroth with Maximilian Heringer for the brand Plan.Net.

Team Corporate Communications

Caption from left to right: Maximilian Heringer, Lisa Pandtle, Anna Schroth, Marina Klöting, Petra Strobl, Claudia Kirchmair, Sina Vonhausen, Miriam Lenz – not in the picture: Lee Sharrock 

2019-01-29 00:00:00
Serviceplan Campaign X Subvert Iconic Movie Titles in Print Campaign Highlighting Sky's New Restart Function Serviceplan Campaign X created an eye-catching print campaign for Sky, which ran in magazines, on billboards and Sky’s Facebook page.  Titled ‘Miss the Start. Miss the Story’, clever copywriting plays on the titles and typography of iconic movies including Kill Bill, Goldfinger, Trainspotting and Braveheart.

The reason for the campaign was that in Germany a lot of people still watch linear TV instead of On Demand TV, because they don’t like spending too much time choosing movies. They tend to just turn on the TV and watch what’s running. That’s why Sky offers the best movies not only on demand, but also on linear channels. The restart function from SKY Q let’s you watch the movies on linear TV from the start, by accessing the same movie in the on demand library of Sky. Giving the user the benefits of linear TV and on demand TV. 

2019-01-28 00:00:00
THE 7: Serviceplan and BMW Present New Model of Luxury Series Serviceplan Campaign International and BMW present the third model of the new luxury series With THE 7, which follows the BMW 8 Series Coupé and the BMW 8 Series Cabriolet presented in autumn 2018. All models are under the umbrella of "Bayerische Motoren Werke" and feature a redesigned logo for the new self-image in BMW's luxury segment.

Serviceplan Campaign International conceived and implemented a TV spot (45 and 30 seconds) in the course of the global market launch of THE 7, which begins in January. In addition, the team also created a product highlight film and various cutdowns for all channels.

The spot "Above The Clouds", Directed by Dan DiFelice out of Tony Petersen Film GmbH/ Carlo Walther, conveys in a metaphorical way how important it is not to let oneself be held back by external and internal resistance, but to courageously and self-confidently forge your own path.

The narrative of the TVC shows a “pilot” making an unusual decision when a bad weather front prevents a private plane from taking off. Instead of the plane, he accelerates his BMW 7 Series over the dark, rainy runway. The Driver’s route leads him through the clouds towards the sky and the sun, higher and higher, until he finally breaks through the top cloud cover on a pass road. Up above the clouds and storm, the driver experiences a moment of sublime and breathtaking beauty - a luxury experience otherwise reserved for pilots. 

"From my point of view there is hardly anything as majestic as an airplane breaking through the clouds. We are proud to accompany the international roll-out of the model with this campaign and thus further establish BMW's luxury segment as an independent product category under the umbrella of 'Bayerische Motoren Werke'" explains Florian Klietz, Managing Director and Partner at Serviceplan Campaign International. 

2019-01-22 00:00:00
Serviceplan Group (Germany), Unlimited Group (UK) and Hakuhodo Group (Japan) Join Forces to Create a Global Offering Rooted in Local Insight The three independent agency groups - Serviceplan, Hakuhodo und Unlimited – have signed a strategic alliance to provide clients and prospects with a genuine global offering based on locally rooted insight. This unprecedented cooperation is designed to offer existing clients and prospects a global presence based on regional expertise.

Serviceplan Group has announced the formation of a global alliance with Japanese agency group Hakuhodo (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) and Unlimited (headquartered in London, UK). This global alliance will mean that the Serviceplan, Hakuhodo and the Unlimited Group alliance can respond to the increasing need for fully integrated communication services in the UK, Japan and South East Asia. Furthermore, the alliance will add further locations in Asia to the Serviceplan Group in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, in addition to the Serviceplan Group's own locations in China (Shanghai and Beijing) and Malaysia.

Together, the UK, German and Japanese agencies are building joint teams to provide data driven, customer-centric, integrated solutions that will transform clients’ business around the world, with a presence in all major markets. The alliance will enable the three to serve existing clients and pitch for global business as a single unit, with a flexible approach to working together. Unlimited, Serviceplan and Hakuhodo have already teamed up for a pan European pitch due to take place in the first quarter of 2019.
UK-based Unlimited, and Europe’s biggest independent network Serviceplan – which has more than 4,000 employees in offices across Europe as well as in New York, Dubai, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong – have both worked on BMW for a number of years. 

Like Unlimited Group, Serviceplan, through its “House of Communications,” houses a number of specialist agencies across CRM, digital, research, PR and advertising. Hakuhodo has offices in 20 countries and regions across Asia, employing 10,000 people. 

In Europe, UK agency Unlimited completes the Serviceplan Group's service offering. The aim of this partnership is to offer global companies an integrated service offering. Unlimited and Serviceplan first signed a partnership agreement in 2014.
This partnership also offers mutually beneficial expertise internationally across the alliance in the fields of creativity, media, data and technology.

Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group said: "We are really excited about collaborating with one of the key players in South-East Asia. The affinity with our philosophy at Serviceplan was clear from our initial personal contact. As a result of this unique alliance between agency groups rooted in Germany, Japan and the UK, we can offer our clients the best service in the major economic region of South-East Asia"
This new strategic alliance with Hakuhodo Group is based on an existing partnership between Serviceplan Group and Unlimited Group. Unlimited Group is an award-winning digital agency group offering seven core disciplines, each led by a core agency.

Unlimited Group have 850 people based in London, Bristol, Winchester and New York.
The Serviceplan Group has experienced rapid international expansion over the past ten years. In 2006 CEO Florian Haller first started to bring to life his vision of creating the world’s first independent global agency group originating in Germany.
Since 2011, as Managing Director of Serviceplan International, Markus Noder has been responsible for elevating the agency group to an international level. On 1 January 2018, he was appointed as the new Holding Managing Director of the Serviceplan Group. 

Tim Bonnet, President of the Unlimited Group commented: ‘We have had a relationship with Hakuhodo and partnership agreement with Serviceplan for a number of years and as this grew in success, we are delighted to formalise this into a global alliance. We are really excited about the expanded offering and capabilities this will bring to our existing clients as well as the agile, innovative and data lead offering we can offer new clients on a global scale.’

Masayuki Mizushima Hakuhodo President and CEO Hakuhodo added: ‘In a time where our clients are faced with change as never anticipated before with the dramatic evolution of technology and acceleration of globalization, this strategic alliance with our longtime friends, the Unlimited Group and Serviceplan, is based on a firm belief and respect for the “sei-katsusha,”or living consumer — always taking on a central role where human emotions, thoughts and dreams reside. This belief leads us to an alliance that is built beyond the data driven approach and elevated to reflect our “sei-katsu-sha” Consumer Driven - Data Proven

2019-01-15 00:00:00
MEDIA EQUIVALENCE STUDY: VIDEO The first study of its kind demonstrating the qualitative impact of TV, YouTube, and Facebook video media – both separately and combined

Key findings

  • Video advertising is the driver for all indicators relating to advertising effectiveness, in particular advertising recall and spontaneous brand awareness.
  • Doubling the contact while using the same advertising format will also double the impact – on each video channel.
  • Combinations of different TV advertising formats will achieve the greatest level of spontaneous advertising recall.
  • TV and YouTube can reinforce each other.

Video advertising is effective. This is one of the key messages of the "Media Equivalence Study: Video", the first market study of its kind to show how the effectiveness of video advertising depends on medium, positioning and contact frequency, as well as how the impact changes when video formats are combined. Facit Research conducted this study on behalf of the Mediaplus Group, SevenOne Media and Google Germany.

   The amount spent on video advertising has risen continuously in recent years while more and more video formats have found their way into the market. One important aspect has thus far remained largely unexplained: How effective is video advertising on different media, and what role do positioning, contact frequency, and a combination of communication measures play? To date, studies providing comprehensive and detailed answers to these questions have been unsuccessful due to the complexity of both methods and technologies.

The Mediaplus Group, SevenOne Media, and Google Germany have now published a study providing a comprehensive, qualitative comparison of advertising media effectiveness: the "Media Equivalence Study: Video", implemented by the Market Research Institute Facit Research. With an experimental study design involving highly complex technology, Facit Research has tested the advertising impact of video advertisements on TV, YouTube, and Facebook under the same conditions. YouTube formats were played on desktops as well as on mobile apps. Facebook advertising materials were placed in individual Newsfeeds on the app.

Dr Tanja Boga, General Manager Facit Research: "On the one hand, the unique nature of the study is motivated by the structure of the client base. The result is more transparency and guidance on an issue that is relevant for the market. On the other hand, the concept for the study design is completely unique: with an extremely ambitious technical design, it was possible to measure the impact of video – both individually and when combined – on each channel and its relevant applications and end devices in a personal setting. All with unprecedented precision."

"To date, there is no accounting unit to reflect the actual range of impact of diverse video formats and combinations for media planning. For the first time on the market, this comprehensive genus study has optimized intra and cross-media campaign planning on the basis of effectiveness on the market and, as a result, optimized conventional reach planning in order to rate the quality of the advertising medium’s impact," reflects Andrea Malgara, Managing Director of the Mediaplus Group.

Dirk Bruns, Head of Video Sales Central Europe, Google: "The study highlights the fact that YouTube offers the right advertising format for every campaign objective and has a powerful and proven impact. This can be enhanced by optimized targeting. In addition, the combined advertising mix of TV and YouTube produces a powerful cross-media impact." 

Guido Modenbach, Managing Director for Market Intelligence at SevenOne Media: "The study offers highly differentiated insights into the unique spectrum of the effectiveness of video advertising and provides valuable facts for integrated 360-degree planning across all platforms. TV not only delivers extensive coverage – it has once again proven itself as a particularly effective advertising medium. The findings make it clear that we are on target in terms of our cross-media marketing approaches."


- Video advertising impact, by medium

The study confirms the power of video across all channels, especially in terms of advertising recall and spontaneous brand awareness indicators. At the same time, advertising is more effective in conventional videos (i.e., TV and YouTube) than on social media (i.e., Facebook). For example, 18% of test subjects spontaneously recalled advertising for brands they had seen in a TV commercial break, 14% were able to recall a pre-roll ad on YouTube, and 7% were able to name the brands advertised after they had seen the corresponding video advert on Facebook. Within the tested YouTube formats, bumper ads showed the highest advertising recall. 

- Video advertising impact, by contact frequency and media combinations

Test subjects were able to recall brands twice as often when they had twice as much contact with advertising material using the same medium. This applies to TV and YouTube as well as Facebook.

With rates of over 40%, combining different TV advertising formats achieved the greatest level of spontaneous advertising recall.

The TV-YouTube advertising mix had more impact than two contacts in a campaign on YouTube alone. In addition, mixing these two media was almost equally as effective as two TV contacts in one commercial break. TV and YouTube can reinforce each other.

However, combining TV or YouTube with Facebook video advertising had less of an impact than two TV or two YouTube pre-roll contacts.


The study took place between March and June 2018 and involved approximately 3,700 subjects aged 14 and older. Participants were invited to test studios in four German cities, in which each participant worked with two video media channels on various end devices. Test subjects were required to use TV, the YouTube video platform, and the Facebook social media platform at least occasionally, corresponding to approximately 40% of the German population aged 14 and older. After using the media for the prescribed amount of time, test subjects were asked about the three brands from a variety of industries that had been advertised.

The study design is unique, as participants were able to browse freely on desktop as well as YouTube and Facebook app environments, the latter with their own news feeds. Furthermore, it was possible to monitor which of the selected advertising materials were played on which media. 

The advertising impact analysis focused on testing different advertising formats used in three video campaigns for different brands and industries on TV, YouTube (desktop and app), and the mobile Facebook Newsfeed (app). The target advertisements were fed into the respective environments via "ad-injected content". 

Here you can watch the imagefilm of the study.


Caption (f.l.t.r.): Guido Modenbach (SevenOne Media), Dirk Bruns (Google), Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf (Facit), Dr. Andrea Malgara (Mediaplus)

The study was presented at the Medientage München in October 2018 for the first time.

2019-01-08 00:00:00
German Musician NENA Becomes Campaign Ambassador for PENNY Naturgut Range Just in time for the beginning of the year, when many people make New Year’s resolutions to be more healthy, PENNY and Serviceplan are launching a campaign with the entertainer NENA for their own brand "Naturgut". Under the motto "Naturally for everyone", the integrated campaign is intended to raise awareness of the topic of natural nutrition.

The "Naturgut" private label is one of PENNY's fast-growing product ranges. Since 2014, the German discount supermarket chain PENNY has been summarising the current nutritional trends for organic, regional and vegetarian/vegan products. PENNY is presenting its new campaign with NENA today, 7 January, under the motto "Naturally for everyone". The aim is to further increase awareness and acceptance of natural nutrition. The campaign developed by Serviceplan Campaign starts on TV and online.

Advertising media in the markets, on posters as well as in public magazines, radio spots, PR activities and the website natürlich-fü flank the measures.

German musician Nena achieved global success in the 90s with her international hit single ’99 Red Balloons’.

"Today it is no longer enough to just offer low prices. Our customers expect us, as a discount store, to offer modern product ranges and natural foods as far as possible. With our own brand Naturgut, we have therefore created an umbrella under which we summarise current nutrition trends. With the new campaign, we want to make Naturgut even more present. In NENA, we have now found an authentic ambassador with whom we share a broad basis of values. We put a lot of heart and soul into the elaborate and multi-media campaign," explains Stefan Magel, COO PENNY.

NENA emphasizes: "I decided to collaborate with Naturgut because natural and healthy foods should be accessible to all people. More and more people today want to live consciously and eat well. We can achieve real change if everyone has the opportunity to participate and everyone starts with themselves. The artist, who lives in Hamburg, is known for her sustainable and conscious lifestyle and has been a vegetarian for many years.

The heart of the campaign developed by Serviceplan Campaign is an attention-grabbing spot in which NENA moves through a big city as part of a huge crowd. Surrounded by an impressive urban backdrop that is increasingly turning into a fertile and green idyll, hundreds of people are striving towards a sustainable, healthy future. Led by a small hummingbird, the bird from the Naturgut logo, they dance and sing among sunflowers, tomato plants and other cultivated plants.

Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign, explains: "The scenes are accompanied by music from the programmatically titled song 'It's a fine day', which was impressively transformed into a contemporary arrangement with symphony orchestra and choirs. The focus is on NENA, who herself becomes part of the movement."

In addition to the spot (production: Tony Petersen Film; director: Martin Aamund; postproduction: Liga 01), which will be used from 6 January in various lengths on all wide-reaching TV stations and online, the website natürlich-fü is a central component of the campaign. Here one enters the campaign world and can discover the Naturgut products as well as valuable information for a healthy nutrition. In addition, the site is constantly updated with further NENA-related content throughout the entire campaign period. The page also features the longest version of the film (96 seconds). The eye-catching key visual (photographers: Peter Funch & Kristian Schuller; postproduction photo: Gloss), which shows NENA surrounded by the protagonists of the spot, is presented as an advertisement in consumer magazines, at the point of sale as well as out of home and online. In addition, two radio spots can be heard throughout Germany on the radio. The implementation of the "Natürlich für alle." campaign will be implemented in the lead by Serviceplan Campaign and in cooperation with Plan.Net Campaign and Serviceplan Public Relations.

In 2017, PENNY achieved sales of EUR 7.4 billion in Germany alone with around 2,180 branches and 27,000 employees. 

2019-01-08 00:00:00
PENNY Shows How All You Need Is Love at Christmas with Heart-Warming Film from Serviceplan. With almost 15 million views on YouTube in Germany, the spot is released globally. An animated Christmas film created by Serviceplan campaign for German supermarket chain PENNY to emphasise the importance of love in overcoming adversity, has struck a chord with German consumers with more than 14.95 million views on YouTube. 

‘Christmas Doesn’t Need Much, Only Love” is the title of Serviceplan Campaign’s seasonal film for German supermarket chain Penny.  The message of the animated film that a little bit of love can go a long way, has had a big impact in Germany where the film has had over 22 million views, including 14.95 million YouTube views. Today the film is released globally. 

PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign’s 2018 Christmas film shows how in touch the discount supermarket is with its customers' needs and circumstances – and offers a message of hope to people who might be dealing with difficult situations.

Although Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, there is rising poverty despite economic growth.  Discount German supermarket chain Penny wanted to spread the message that "Christmas doesn't need much. Only Love”. 


This message is expressed in an animated online film mixing live action and 3D animation.  Featuring a single mother who cannot make her son's wishes come true because she doesn’t have enough money, the film has a handmade aesthetic to emphasise the message behind the campaign, that even if you don’t have much money, it is possible to create gifts through love. However, she ultimately finds a way to grant her son a true Christmas miracle – using creativity and love. 2,500 kits were produced to enable people to knit their own teddy bear for Christmas.  Customers were able to win the knits by taking part in an online lottery. 

A new version of Elton John's "Your Song", interpreted by Josephine van Schaik, was producedfor the campaign.  Until 27 December, the film was only available online in Germany due to global music rights.  Elton John himself famously sang on the John Lewis 2018 Christmas ad, which has over 12 million views.  Whereas the Penny Christmas film soundtracked with a cover version of Elton’s iconic song has gained over 14 million views in Germany alone.  

In addition to Serviceplan Campaign, Plan.Net Campaign, Glassworks and Parasol Island are responsible for design and implementation.


Executive Creative Director Christoph Everke feels it is the perfect fit:

"The film and its soundtrack express exactly what people in Germany are experiencing every day. They are getting by with limited resources and their successes are often down to the fact that they are stronger than people who have never had to struggle. The film is an homage to these tough people who do their utmost every day to care for their family."

Studies suggest that this year in Germany, Christmas is forecast to cost each household an average of 476 EURO in total. However, PENNY is using this year's Christmas campaign to show that you don't actually need to spend that much on a great Christmas, with the motto: 

Serviceplan Campaign has responsibility for development and implementation, and Plan.Net Campaign were the digital agency.  The Production Company was Glassworks Amsterdam.


The campaign starts with a film, but it goes much further. PENNY is actively helping its customers to make their children's apparently unachievable wishes come true. On the campaign website you can chat to a polar bear, who also features in the film, and tell him your deepest wish. As well as having lots of their wishes come true, participants can also look forward to winning a craft set that they can use to make homemade Christmas presents filled with love. 


With this campaign, PENNY once again addresses a topic that is relevant to its target market. It then goes beyond words and puts its message into action. 


For Stefan Magel, Executive Board Member Retail Germany at the REWE Group and COO of PENNY, that is an extremely important step because "as a discount supermarket at the centre of its customers' lives, PENNY wants to enable all of its customers to have a great Christmas. As well as good-value offers, for us this involves dialogue with customers. It is only when we really understand people's requirements that a campaign can be more than an empty advertising promise. Only then can it become part of our customers' daily reality and really ring true." 


View 3 documentaries about the campaign here:

2019-01-02 00:00:00
Animals are not Christmas gifts: An Emotional PETA Campaign from Serviceplan Sadly, an annually recurring theme during the festive season is abandoned pets after Christmas. Pets given as a Christmas present often end up on the streets after 24 December. The animal rights organisation PETA Deutschland e.V. collaborated with Serviceplan Campaign International on the appeal "Animals are not Christmas gifts".

The new “Animals are not Christmas gifts” spot is based on the PETA campaign "Abandoned after Christmas". To illustrate the problem of pets being discarded after Christmas, PETA and Serviceplan Campaign International created a dog silhouette including a leash fashioned from numerous holiday lights, which is "abandoned" in various places in Hamburg. In order to clarify the message behind the silhouette, places were selected where animals are commonly abandoned, such as motorway service areas.

"Animals are living beings with very individual needs and feelings. They deserve a permanent, loving home," said Jobst Eggert, responsible for Creation & Special Projects at PETA. "With our emotional spot, we would like to remind people that it is advisable, in the interests of both humans and animals, to use animal-friendly gifts when shopping for Christmas. 

2018-12-20 00:00:00
Serviceplan Agencies in France and Poland Celebrate Agency of Year Awards Serviceplan Group are enjoying even more success on the international awards circuit with their French and Polish agencies collecting Agency of the Year Awards.

In a double whammy for Serviceplan Group, Serviceplan France have been crowned ‘Advertising Agency of the Year’ at Les Agences de l’Année awards, while GONG in Poland was named Agency of the Year 2018 at the MIXX Awards. GONG belongs to Group One, part of the International Serviceplan family. Serviceplan France was elected ‘Agence de Publicité de l’Année 2018’ (Advertising Agency of the Year 2018) by the jury of the 39th Grand Prix des Agence de l’Année awards, an edition under the sponsorship and in the presence of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, and Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of digital.

The Serviceplan France Advertising Agency of the Year Award marks an important step in the rapid internationalization of Serviceplan Group, an independent agency group of German origin, which is now present in 17 countries, and present for 3 years in France. Serviceplan France has been making headlines in recent months with several important new business wins, including that of the communication of the retail chain Auchan - and more than 70 French and international awards, including an Effie d'Or last week.

Alain Roussel, President of Serviceplan France, declares: "This award is a great encouragement to the development strategy of the entrepreneurs who bring to life each day with talent and determination our different disciplines: Serviceplan (Brand & Advertising), Mediaplus (Media, data & performance), Plan.Net (Digital design for Human), and Solutions (Production off and online). This award crowns their commitment to shared success and that of the 100 customers who trust us. "

Group One is Poland’s largest independent communications group and part of Serviceplan Group. Agencies under Group One offers creative, digital and media and include; ChangeServiceplan, GONG, Value Media, Mediaplus, SalesTube and Labcon. GONG was named Agency of the Year 2018 at the MIXX Awards with 7 awards including Best in Show and a Gold and Silver for the #weekendING campaign. Change Serviceplan was awarded at MIXX with a silver in the Cross Media Integration category for a local BMW campaign ‘Night Driving’. The success at MIXX Awards follows an impressive performance by Group One at the Polish EFFIE Awards where they collected 11 awards.

2018-12-17 00:00:00
Serviceplan Korea and Germany Win Eurobest Grand Prix for Dot Mini Serviceplan Group have been awarded 1 Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze at Eurobest 2018.

Serviceplan Group enjoyed a successful Eurobest 2018 with 1 Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze awards. The Grand Prix and Special Award winners were unveiled at the ‘Eurobest Unwrapped’ event on Thursday 13 December in London. A Grand Prix was awarded in Innovation to Dot ‘Making the World Accessible, Dot by Dot’, a revolutionary technology developed by Serviceplan Germany and Korea with the Dot Incorporation in South Korea. Dot Mini also won 2 Gold (1 in Healthcare and 1 in Innovation), 1 Silver (in Design) and 1 Bronze (in Innovation & Solution). Dot Mini is the first smart media device for the visually impaired, and has already been recognized with wins at major international awards including; Cannes Lions, LIA Awards and CLIO Awards.

Serviceplan France celebrated a Silver in Healthcare and a Bronze in Digital for the Andros ‘Autism Can Work’ initiative.

Serviceplan France, Mediaplus France and Serviceplan Austria were jointly awarded a Bronze in Print & Outdoor Craft for The Pink Triangle Issue Poster campaign for Vangardist Magazine. Serviceplan also collected a Bronze in Entertainment for Adoptify – Tierschutzverein München e.V., and a Bronze in Print & Publishing for BMW ‘Bulletproof Brochure’.

Serviceplan Group Global CCO Alexander Schill commented: “We are thrilled to receive a Grand Prix for our work with Dot Incorporation on the Dot Mini, which has the potentital to revolutionize the lives of millions of visually impaired people globally. And awards for work created by our teams in Austria, France, Germany and Korea for clients including Andros, BMW and Dot demonstrates the truly international reach of our creative and innovative talent.”

Julie Kang, CEO, Serviceplan Korea added: “This is stunning news at this point. Dot recently shows a remarkable business outcome including million dollars of Dot Watch export contracts to the global market. Now with Dot Mini, Dot’s vision to be the most innovative Assistive Technology Device company for the visually impaired is getting one step closer. Serviceplan Korea will play the strategic and instrumental role as a Brand Incubating Agency for Dot’s business accelerations in upcoming years. Indeed growing together is the most powerful way to be successful.”

2018-12-13 00:00:00
Elaine Chew joins Serviceplan Malaysia as General Manager Serviceplan Malaysia have reinforced their leadership team with the appointment of Elaine J. Chew as Managing Director.

Following the recent strengthening of the leadership team at Serviceplan Greater China, Serviceplan Group have more good news from their key agencies in Asia: Elaine Chew joins Serviceplan Malaysia to reinforce the leadership team.

Elaine Chew takes on responsibility for the growing Serviceplan business in Malaysia. Serviceplan Malaysia is the lead creative agency for BMW Malaysia, and the fringe agency for OCBC Bank Malaysia. Founded in the summer of 2017 with a vision of being a fully integrated brand agency that thinks globally but acts locally, Serviceplan Malaysia is a key agency in the increasing footprint of Serviceplan Group in the APAC region.

Elaine Chew, Managing Director Serviceplan Malaysia commented: “ Integration, Data and Technology are 3 key factors for brands and agencies to evolve. Furthermore, the key is to revolutionize and humanize our approach. ‘Customer Centricity’ is the core, while we must embrace the ‘Future Progressive’ mindset.”

Markus Noder, Managing Director Serviceplan International commented: "We are very pleased about this positive development of the Serviceplan Group in Asia. The strengthening of our leadership teams and new business wins at Serviceplan Greater China give us reason to celebrate, as does the appointment of Elaine Chew as Managing Director of Serviceplan Malaysia. "

2018-12-13 00:00:00
Serviceplan Greater China Win Tmall and VIVO Business Serviceplan China have won Tmall and VIVO business with pitch teams led by Chief Creative Officer Chongkin and Managing Director Marcus Ma.  

VIVOis one of China’s mobile phone giants and their products have launched globally. VIVO have a good market share in Southern Asia and Russia. Serviceplan Greater China have won the new product V12 launch campaign. 

Tmall (formerly Taobao Mall), is a Chinese-language website for Business to consumer (B2C) online retail, part of the Alibaba Group and operated in China by Alibaba Group. Tmall is a platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell brand name goods to consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Tmall is the world's 2ndbiggest e-commerce website after Taobaowith over 500 million active users monthly, and the world's 9th most visited website according to Alexa. 

Serviceplan China have won the business for the Tmall ‘Hot Shopping List’ - the best selling products and hot items from different categories to different age groups, and the ‘Tmall Super Brand Day Campaign’, Which promotes limited edition items and products from most of big brands to consumers. 

Chongkin, Serviceplan Greater China Chief Creative Officer commented: “It always feels great to win new business, and we are looking forward to proving Serviceplan China's BIG PRODUCT philosophy, which can help clients to build their brand and product together at once through our collaboration.” 

The Serviceplan Greater China Tmall pitch team was made up of; Marcus Ma – Managing Director; Joy Jiang – Group Account Director; Monica Chien – Head of Planning; Ballball – Executive Creative Director; Mark Liu – Creative Group Head.

The Vivo V12 Pitch team consisted of; Bernard Wong – Managing Director; Moritz Sanner – Planning Director; Adams Ho – Executive Creative Director; Wingho Kan – Creative Director

2018-11-28 00:00:00
Serviceplan Film Test Drive with Severely Visually impaired Author Michael Fehr The BMW 8 Series Coupé made its debut in Switzerland in the summer. Serviceplan Suisse created a stunning film featuring virtually blind author Michael Fehr on a spectacular test drive. 

The test drive took place in a secure area at an airport in the Bernese Oberland. Michael Fehr, who is almost blind and had never previously sat behind the wheel of a car, accelerated the BMW 8 Series Coupé to speeds of up to 180 km/h. This extraordinary journey was made into a film, for which Michael Fehr describes the experience in his own words. The poetic images were captured using a camera technique developed especially for the film.

Michael Fehr said of the experience: “Strangely enough, I felt no fear.”

Michael Fehr has been 95% blind since birth, so he had to learn at a young age how to find his way around using his other senses. His perception of the world, coupled with his artistic expression as a writer, meant he was able to describe the BMW 8 Series Coupé in a truly unique way.

The film, directed by Marco Lutz (Production Company: Shining Pictures) had its premiere in front of a hand-picked audience at the BMW Group Brand Experience Center near Zurich. After the screening, guests enjoyed a fascinating podium discussion, with Michael Fehr speaking to Art Basel Global Director Marc Spiegler about his experience as a blind test driver. Afterwards, guests were treated to a first look at the new BMW 8 Series Coupé.

The launch campaign for the new BMW 8 Series Coupé was developed through a collaboration between BMW Group Switzerland and Serviceplan Suisse. The short film was shown in a cinema as part of the 14th Zurich Film Festival. From 21 November 2018, it will also be on show in other Swiss cinemas, as well as on social media channels. An additional short documentary film offers even greater insight into Michael Fehr’s thoughts before, during and after his spectacular journey.

The Serviceplan Suisse team: Daniel Hesse (Art Direction), Dieter Boller, Günter Zumbach, Michael Fehr (Text), Simon Staub, Florian Birkner (Creative Direction), Raul Serrat (Executive Creative Director), Edi Walker, Andrea Aegerter (Consultant), Nathalie Jakober (Art buying), Marco Lutz (Director), Ralph Baetschmann (DOP), Shining Pictures (Production), Jingle Jungle (Sound).

Executive Creative Director Raul Serrat commented: “The new BMW 8 Series Coupé is, first and foremost, an emotional experience. Michael Fehr has a wonderful talent for reading feelings, and for putting them into words that truly touch our hearts.”

The Serviceplan Suisse team: Daniel Hesse (Art Direction), Dieter Boller, Günter Zumbach, Michael Fehr (text), Simon Staub, Florian Birkner (Creative Direction), Raul Serrat (executive creative direction), Edi Walker, Andrea Aegerter (consultant), Nathalie Jakober (art buying), Marco Lutz (director), Ralph Baetschmann (DOP), Shining Pictures (production), Jingle Jungle (sound). 

2018-11-21 00:00:00
Serviceplan Switzerland Create An Incorrigible campaign for Ragusa Chocolate A witty new campaign from Serviceplan Switzerland for popular Swiss chocolate brand Ragusa, celebrates people’s incorrigible character traits.

Ragusa is one of the most popular brands in Switzerland. The traditional chocolate produced by family company Camille Bloch was invented over 75 years ago, and has stayed true to itself ever since. 

Ragusa has “The same basic recipe, traditional premium quality and the same edginess”, explains Fabienne Leuenberger, Brand Manager at Ragusa

When you can claim such a strong brand essence as your own, it's an asset you don't want to give away. Ragusa's authentic character is placed at the core of the current brand communication. “Incorrigible” is the claim of the new campaign by Serviceplan Suisse that has been generating attention in Switzerland.

This new campaign features 4 films and 4 posters depicting humorous scenes of incorrigible people and titled; ‘Laptop’, ‘Lift’, ‘Meditation’ and ‘Supermarket’. The dictionary definition of an incorrigible person or incorrigible behavior being someone or something that is impossible to change or improve.  This repositioning of Ragusa stays true to the core of the brand, its enduring quality and traditional recipe.  

“We wanted to show that Ragusa is just like all of us: not perfect, but full of character. Incorrigible, basically.” Said Serviceplan SuisseExecutive Creative Director Raul Serrat. He added: “Ragusa is holding on to its authenticity – stubbornly, but with great confidence.” 

The new campaign plays on Ragusa's originality, and the uniqueness of the people who enjoy it. From this initial thought, the team around creative directors Florian Birkner and Simon Staub developed a campaign that is just as original as Ragusa – with a new layout, attention-grabbing headlines, social media activities and 4 films. 

With a cheeky sense of humor, the campaign brought everyday people and their incorrigible character traits to the fore, to strengthen the cult factor of the brand and bring to the attention of a younger audience. The films were made by multiple award-winning director John Grammatico, whose comic intuition enabled him to create short films that were just the right amount of weird to work well on social media. In a unique tonality, they presented everyday characters and their idiosyncrasies, with small stories taken from real-life that we can all identify with.

2018-11-16 00:00:00
Serviceplan France Create Humourous Digital Films for Sarenza ‘Boots 2018’ Collection Dogs are embarrassed by their owners’ shoes in a new series of witty online spots from Serviceplan France. 

Popular French online shoe brand Sarenza have launched a new digital campaign conceived by Serviceplan France to introduce the ‘Boots 2018’ collection.

The Sarenza ‘Boots 2018’ digital campaign is based around two films (15 "& 20") which unravel the mystery about what makes dogs pull frantically on their leads, or pounce on passers-by in the street. There can only be one explanation, that the unfashionable shoes of their owners are harming their image. Sarenza, one of the most popular brand amongst French shoe-lovers, suggests trying out its new collection of boots so that dogs can once more feel proud alongside their owners.

The new campaign is the 9th digital activation since Sarenza awarded the account to Serviceplan France a year ago. The films were directed by Manu Cuesta, and produced by Trinity Films (Serviceplan France), with creative direction from Fabien Teichner & Dimitri Guerassimov, Joint CCO’s and Partners of Serviceplan France, and the digital creative director was Mathieu Membré.

These two digital films will be shown for three weeks on all Sarenza owner networks. 

2018-11-09 00:00:00
Serviceplan Win 1 Grand LIA, 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze at LIA Awards 2018 Serviceplan Group have won 1 of 12 GRAND LIA Awards for le BECK’s, which was also awarded 3 Gold and 1 Silver award.  Serviceplan are the Number 2 Ranked German agency at LIA 2018.


LIA, one of the most prestigious Global award shows in Advertising, Digital, Technology driven work, Health & Pharma and Branded Entertainment, today announced the winners. The 33rd Annual London International Awards judging convened over a 10-day period. The Juries, drawn from the world’s most recognized talent and presided over by industry leaders, viewed and scored every entry within their medium, ensuring that all the work was judged equally.


Serviceplan Group celebrated an outstanding haul of awards at LIA 2018, including 1 of only 12 Grand LIA Awards handed out this year, for le Beck’s ‘The Legendary Beer Can’, which also collected 3 Gold and 1 Silver LIA.  An impressive sweep of awards included; 1 Grand LIA, 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze. 

The Package Design Grand LIA was awarded to Serviceplan Germany for theStructural Packaging for Beck's titled “Le Beck's: The Legendary Beer Can”

"For me, it was love at first sight. I have never seen anything like this. I think the shape of the packaging is a real game changer. Everything from the craftsmanship of the glass to its finish was seamless," commented Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström, Jury President for Design and Package Design, on the Le Beck’s Package Design Grand LIA. 

Serviceplan Germany and Korea were jointly awarded 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze for Dot Mini, The First Smart Media Device for the Visually Impaired. Serviceplan Korea and Serviceplan Innovation are incubating DOT brand and Dot Mini's concept and overall marketing consulting in partnership with the DOT Inc and cloudandco.


Serviceplan Greater China celeberated success with a Silver for The One Club ‘Portfolio Night – Seek Your Way’ in Print.


3 Bronze LIA Awards were given to Serviceplan Campaign X and Neverest for the ‘Adoptify’ campaign for Tierschutzverien München e.V. Also collecting 1 Bronze each were; ‘Featuring Alexa’ – Too Many T’s  (Serviceplan Innovation); Fittle ‘The first 3D printed Braille puzzle’  - LV Prasad/ Ravensburger/ WHO (Serviceplan Health & Life and Serviceplan Innovation); and MINI ‘The Shortcut Billboards’  (SP Campaign X/NEVEREST).


2018-11-06 00:00:00
Sophie Vanderwinkel Joins Mediaplus Belgium as Managing Director, and Natalie Shardanstrengthens Management Team in Dubai, becoming General Manager of Serviceplan Middle East.

Two accomplished new Managing Directors have joined the Serviceplan Group in Dubai and Belgium. Sophie Vanderwinkel is Managing Director of Mediaplus in Belgium, and Natalie Shardan is new General Manager of Serviceplan Middle East.

Respected Managing Directors Sophie Vanderwinkel and Natalie Shardan strengthen the management teams, at Mediaplus Belgium and Serviceplan Middle East respectively. These strategic hires further reinforce the internationalization of Serviceplan Group.

Markus Noder, Managing Director of Serviceplan International commented: "We are very pleased with these two top personalities, which strengthen our Houses of Communication in both Dubai and Belgium, and help us to continue successfully implementing our internationalization strategy."

Sophie Vanderwinkel is now responsible for Mediaplus at the House of Communication in Belgium. The House of Communication in Belgium has just under 100 employees.

Sophie has worked for the Finnish company Sanoma throughout her career, most recently as Head of Inbound Sales & Advertising Care. She will take over the position of Kathleen Soontjens, who will now assume the role of Managing Director in the holding following the successful establishment of Mediaplus in Belgium.

In addition to Rami Hmadeh, Natalie Shardan is now General Manager of Serviceplan Middle East in Dubai. The seasoned agency manager has worked at
Y & R, JWT, Mullen Lowe MENA and BBDO, with brands including Emirates Airlines, Nestle, PepsiCo and Pizza Hut. Together with Rami Hmadeh, Natalie will lead and develop the House of Communications in Dubai with around 60 employees. 

2018-10-30 00:00:00
METRO’S third “Own Business Day” celebrates business owners
  • #Loveownbusiness: Business owners in 24 countries took part in the “Own Business Day 2018” offering more than 380,000 specials
  • Now in its third year, METRO celebrates the “Own Business Day” for business owners. Global campaigns draw attention and appreciation to SMEs
  • An important part of the campaign was the “Own Business Study” with 10,000 participants worldwide. It suggests that consumers want more visibility for independent businesses
  • With “The Longest Queue” in Porto, a business owner was surprised at the opening of his restaurant with an almost 500-meter-long queue of customers
  • A holiday for the independent businesses: METRO’s “Own Business Day 2018” on 9 October gave special attention and appreciation to business owners around the world, who offered more than 380,000 specials to their customers on that day. In 24 METRO countries, several campaigns provided more visibility and attention for them. Highlights include the “The Longest Queue” initiated by METRO together with Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg to celebrate the inauguration of a restaurant in the Portugese city of Porto.

    “The significant growth of variety, creativity and number of specials reinforces the potential to engage more and more business owners. Our growing media investment and the big celebrations in each country boosted the awareness own businesses deserve - making it another prove of what we mean when we say "your success is our business",” says Gisele Musa, Global Director Branding & Activation of METRO AG, explaining the idea behind the day for independent businesses. Lack of visibility is still the biggest problem for independent businesses. This has been found by the recent “International Own Business Study,” which METRO commissioned for a second time in honour of the special day, and which surveyed 10,000 people in ten countries. One result: independent businesses are popular worldwide and are valued by their customers, but often lack visibility and public awareness.

    The results of the study show that only 42 percent of independent businesses have their own website, while only 46 percent are active on social networks. In Germany, only 22 percent use Facebook, Instagram & Co to promote their own business. It is hardly surprising that nearly two-thirds of consumers complain about the difficulty of finding independent businesses.
    “The Longest Queue”: Nearly 500-meter-long queue in front of res-taurant, ensuring more customers and attention on opening day

    Lack of customers on the opening day – according to the study, that is what independent businesses are most afraid of in the start-up phase. For its third “Own Business Day,” METRO came up with a special campaign in Portugal and called on the public through its own channels as well as regional and national Portuguese TV and radio stations along with the local newspaper “Journal de Notícias” to participate in “The Longest Queue” in Porto. The restaurant “Torre do Conde”, which opened just in time for “Own Business Day” on 9 October, was empowered with the best conditions for a successful start with plenty of attention and customer influx on the opening day. Besides passers-by, more than 120 employees of MAKRO Portugal, METRO’s local subsidiairy, showed up onsite to support the new restaurant owner. Similar regional events took place in other major cities around the world on this day to connect the independent businesses more closely with the public.
    #loveownbusiness: Entrepreneurs worldwide draw attention with special campaigns

    Even before 9 October and on the day itself, consumers could find all specials and deals in their vicinity at the hub On the day itself, special promotions were up on the website and METRO’s YouTube channel and could be followed all over the world on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #loveownbusiness. It resulted in 540,000 hits on the hub, 1,400 social media posts and nearly 16 million views on YouTube. METRO also relied on influencer cooperations and paid media throughout the campaign.

    The campaign was developed by Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. The agency achtung! in Hamburg supported with regional press work. “We are delighted that ‘Own Business Day’ has gained such global popularity over the past three years. We developed this special day for METRO as a crea-tive way to bring the brand promise to life. METRO’s promise to its customers is to make them more successful by giving them the recognition and attention they deserve in our society,” says Michael Schneider, Managing Director, Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. 

    The study published on “Own Business Day” 2018 was conducted in July and August 2018 by APCO Worldwide in Germany, France, India, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey. The white paper “Supporting independent businesses is everyone’s business” is available here.

    2018-10-23 00:00:00
    Beck's & Serviceplan Invite Consumers to Talk to Hops At the end of the year, not only the iconic Beck's label will become even more legendary, but also the beer itself: the Special Edition Beck's Soundpils is brewed using hops that have been exposed to sound from consumers and will taste even more aromatic. Once again, the brand is focusing uncompromisingly on the consumer in this new activation, which was created by Serviceplan Campaign International.

    Beck's fans recently had the opportunity to design their own label with the "Green Label" campaign. Now the brand is taking things one step further: at the end of the year, as part of a special edition, not only will the label become more legendary, but the contents will too. These days, beer drinkers always want to discover new things. This is where Beck's comes in and gets even closer to its consumers.

    "Using a sound box set up in Berlin, passers-by were able to speak to the hops at our hop farm in the Hallertau region – unfiltered and on quite a personal level", explains Susanne Koop, Marketing Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev Germany, responsible for the Beck's brand. "As plants react to sound, we grew a special hop with the participation of our consumers." A limited special edition is being brewed with the hops that have been exposed to sound: the Beck's Soundpils.

    "You make it legendary." – from storytelling to story-doing

    The campaign "You make it legendary.", initiated last year, was also developed by Serviceplan Campaign International and calls on consumers themselves to take the initiative to create something special out of every moment. The emotional claim is the contemporary development of the brand image with a new interpretation of the overriding idea of freedom. Everything revolves around the uniqueness of each moment, which can only be turned into something legendary through the individual. In 2018, this brand promise is being kept. "This year, we are building up the existing campaign with large images of freedom and we add real experiences", says Susanne Koop. “With Beck's Soundpils, storytelling becomes real storydoing, because to be meaningful, we don't just have to tell stories to our consumers, we have to make stories come alive."

    Away from the classic OOH and TV: focus on digital channels

    To do this, Beck's focusses on digital marketing. In the beer market, costs for traditional marketing are rising, but not all activities are visible to everyone. The fight for the consumer’s attention has already begun and social media has become an integral part of everyday life. The consumer is constantly being compelled to make decisions. Beck's Soundpils will be activated via its own digital channels as well as through additional online placements. The special edition will be available online from November.

    2018-10-12 00:00:00
    Serviceplan France Opens Its New Premises in Courbevoie Serviceplan France, member of the first independent European communication group of the same name, opened its new premises in the heart of the Village Delage in Courbevoie on Thursday 11 October 2018.

    The communications agency, which brings together 250 employees from its various entities* under one roof, has recently established its French headquarters on a plot belonging to the Delage car factories, a French industrial heritage site.

    The Crystallin at Village Delage in Courbevoie

    Alain Roussel, Chairman of Serviceplan France explains: "Our premises at the "Cristallin" marks an important stage in the life of our agency, because this place is the very embodiment of the Serviceplan project. Its entire layout has been designed around the idea that relationships are at the heart of our business. In fact, everything has been organised to make interaction as easy and natural as possible.

    The very design of the site, open and transparent, is perfect for encouraging togetherness and removing the temptation to work in isolation. Spacious and bright, this location is sure to inspire all our thought processes and unleash our creativity, but also promote everyone's personal development and attract new talent. Finally, its modular configuration fully responds to the changes and new challenges of the communication industry, which mean we must rethink our model every day".

    The agency has a restaurant run by API, Chefs, gym, concierge, break out area and large co-working space, as well as an exceptional roof terrace measuring 1000 m2. This landscaped living rooftop offers an exceptional view over the La Défense business district and a 360° panorama at the crossroads of four Hauts-de-Seine towns: Courbevoie, Asnières, Bois-Colombes and La Garenne Colombes. In this eco-district-to-be, undergoing a complete urban transformation, the agency benefits from an exceptional location a few minutes from the train station of Bécon-les-Bruyères and the future station of the Grand Paris Express, making this site a fantastic long-term choice.

    A past in industry ... a future in innovation

    The Cristallin building, now occupied by Serviceplan France, has had several incarnations. Built on the former Constellation aircraft engine construction site for Air France (1949), the building was rebuilt with its current architecture in the 2000s and then occupied for about fifteen years ago by a subsidiary of Dassault, before Serviceplan chose to move there. After nine months of major renovations, the agency has retained the industrial soul and innovative spirit of the building's past, to become a company dedicated to the communication and creation industry.

    Unique architecture and design

    Built on three floors, across an area of 5500 m2, the structure of the place extends symmetrically around a remarkable double central staircase. While the architecture has a highly graphic design, its geometry is softened by the curves of its fittings (handrails, stairs, reception desk), as well as by the choice of materials. Often wood is combined with metal and with a design that lets in an abundance of light, glass and cement cohabit harmoniously here. Window panels cover every façade as well as the interior walls of the building right up to a glass dome that truly creates a window to the sky.

    A sustainable and responsible building in the heart of an eco-district of the future

    The interior décor has been carefully sourced in an ethical, sustainable and responsible way. All the décor elements, bamboo flooring, blinds and screens, light fittings, seating and desks are made from wood dedicated to the manufacturing industry, from sustainably managed forests. All the earthenware pieces and painted cement tiles are unique, handmade in a traditional way using natural pigments. A lot of the fittings come from recycled elements. For example, all the scrap wood and plumbing pipes were transformed into handles, cupboard doors and light fittings. In addition, the site is now "low consumption", exclusively equipped with automatic LEDs and benefiting from high-level thermal insulation.


    * The 250 employees involved in the joint success of Serviceplan France, are divided into; the advertising agencies Serviceplan and Serviceplan Health & Life; the media agency Mediaplus; the digital agency Plan.Net; the print and digital production platform Solutions; the audiovisual production studio Trinity Films; and other independent companies in the world of communication.

    Address: Serviceplan France - 9, rue du Moulin des Bruyères – 92400 Courbevoie
    Agency: Serviceplan France
    Owner: SCI La Cathédrale
    Contracting Authority: Atelier Pourquoipas Architects
    Construction project management: CBRE
    Decorator: Henriette & Company
    Restaurant: API restauration
    Concierge: Clac des Doigts
    Sports Coaching: Just Coaching

    2018-10-11 00:00:00
    Germany Trade & Invest launches global campaign Serviceplan Public Opinion and Mediaplus Berlin developed ‘Germany Works’: an integrated global campaign for Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) – the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany – to promote Germany as a business location.

    Berlin, 8 October 2018 — For customers of Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), Serviceplan Public Opinion has developed a global Germany campaign with Mediaplus Berlin. The aim of 'Germany Works.' is to attract international companies to Germany as a business location. The cross-sector campaign is now on air and can be used by all location marketing partners in Germany. It focuses on a digital&nbsp

    The core message for international companies and partners is 'Germany Works.': The German economy is performing really well. This message is conveyed by an ambitious 3D-animated film, depicting an engine driven by the perfect synthesis of a variety of different location benefits such as quality of life, stability, infrastructure, domestic market and qualifications.

    A creative team of international artists led by Michael Johne (Creative Director, Serviceplan) and Fabian Grodde (Animation Director, Parasol Island) developed seven unique styles for each economic branch covered in the different chapters of animation. Influences range from; stop motion-like full CG animation; to photorealistic CG scenes. All assets were produced for film purposes, and also used throughout the entire campaign for animated online banners and high-resolution print ads.

    Dr Robert Hermann, CEO of GTAI, explains: "Germany not only meets all the requirements for reliability among business partners and public stakeholders, but it also stands for dynamism, drive and innovativeness. The campaign does an excellent job of knowing how to convey just how reliable Germany is as a business location."

    "I am pleased that the largest owner-run agency in Germany can now campaign for Germany around the world. We are proud that, together, our creative and ambitious campaign has succeeded, going beyond all the 'Germany' stereotypes," adds Jörg Ihlau, Managing Director of Serviceplan Public Opinion.

    The global media campaign is initially targeted at European business decision-makers, in particular from France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and will be extended at a later date. Advertising material was placed with media such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the Financial Times, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

    Since Serviceplan Public Opinion won the pitch in 2017, GTAI has been one of the largest full-service customers at the House of Communication in Berlin.

    2018-10-09 00:00:00
    Auchan Retail Celebrates Everyday French Heroes in its first Campaign with Serviceplan France Serviceplan France announce their first campaign for Auchan Retail since winning the global communication strategy 4 months ago. 

    Four months after entrusting its global communication strategy to Serviceplan France, the Auchan Retail France retailer is back on television with a 90 second testimonial film. This is the starting point for a major 125-day promotional campaign - "Auchan 125 Days". The themes of the “Auchan 125 Days” will be supported each week on radio, digital and via the distribution of leaflets throughout France.

    After five years of advertising silence, the Auchan distributor unveiled on French Prime Time TV on September 30, the founding axes of its new brand position through a 90-second spot created by Serviceplan France. This film, directed by Michael Lawrence (Wanda Production) is a true statement to those everyday heroes who daily, all over France, "Act to change the lives of the French".

    Punctuated by a succession of scenes shot in the daily reality of its stores, with employees of the brand, this authentic film highlights evidence of Auchan's commitment to consumers, chosen from hundreds of initiatives gathered on the site

    Dimitri Guerassimov and Fabien Teichner, Partners and Creative Directors of Serviceplan France explain: "Through this film, we wanted to salute the entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of Auchan employees, daily allies of French consumers. To give breath to this narration, we entrusted it to a director capable of restoring all the emotion that resides in the simplest moments of life, Michael Lawrence (Wanda Production)".

    They add: "We were looking for a soundtrack that rises throughout the film to take the audience on a journey. A music that is both dynamic, epic and lyrical, while not very well known so that it becomes easily Auchan music. The original band of the Fighters (Prologue by Hit + Run) corresponds perfectly to what we were looking for ".

    The playlist of the launch campaign was carried out in partnership with DEEZER.

    Fabienne Mainguy, Director of the Auchan Retail France Brand, explains: "This film and all the elements of the communication device reflect Auchan's societal mission. As a heritage company with a special place in the heart of the French, we must work every day to make their lives better. It is in this state of mind and with this desire that our employees are working all over France to provide our customers with daily proof of this commitment ".

    2018-10-05 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Celebrate Success in Asia Pacific with 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at 10th Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity Serviceplan Group were awarded 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at the Spikes Asia Awards Ceremony on 28 September in Singapore.
    Spikes Asia is Asia Pacific’s most inspiring creative festival and features 3 days of learning, inspiration and networking for creative communications professionals. Serviceplan Innovation and Serviceplan Korea celebrated 2 Gold Awards for Dot Mini, The First Smart Media Device for the visually impaired.
    Serviceplan Greater China won for the first time at Spikes Asia, with a Silver and Bronze for The One Club ‚To Admire/ To Diminish (Seek Your Way)’ campaign. The Awards for Servieplan Greater China reflect the positive changes at the agency since the new leadership team spearheaded by Chong Kin and Marcus Ma.
    Julie Kang, Serviceplan Korea CEO & Managing Partner commented: “Starting with the international recognition of our Dot Watch innovation in 2016, Dot Mini continues to prove the main business performance of the Dot company, who closely collaborated with Serviceplan. These awards successes wouldn’t have happened without such a strong partnership rooted between us. We are happy to contribute together for better world. This means much more than our awards. “
    Serviceplan Greater China CCO Chong Kin added: “This is the first creative award we have won since myself and Marcus Ma joined Serviceplan China last year. And, it’s a very important starting point showing Serviceplan China is not only good at new business winnings but creative quality.”

    2018-10-04 00:00:00
    When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Giant Canvas! Amstel Radler and Publips Serviceplan Get Passers By Guessing with Billboard Made of 14,000 Lemons in Madrid A popular new Amstel Radler campaign from Publips Sericeplan has sparked huge national debate, with a giant outdoor canvas erected in central Madrid inviting people to guess the number of lemons used to make it.

    A 238m2 canvas made of real lemons was put up during the summer on Calle Fuencarral, one of the most central streets in Madrid, and posed a challenge for passers-by: to guess the exact amount of lemons used to create it. The outdoor activation was conceived by Publips Serviceplan for Amstel Radler, in a continuation of the “It all starts with a doer” campaign. More than 5,500 people entered a competition on to guess the number of lemons, with 10 people getting the correct number and 35,575 visitors to the website during the competition with a prize of a year’s supply of Amstel Radler.


    Titled “You can’t get this taste without lemons” (“Hay que tener limones para conseguir este sabor”), the canvas is a new twist on Street Art, and puts the spotlight on the natural juice that gives Amstel Radler its perfect and refreshing balance. This special action by Amstel Radler in Madrid is the culmination of an outdoor campaign set in motion in May with 930 posters in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, Castellón, Salamanca and Guadalajara. In Madrid, the campaign also featured a digital circuit in which a series of fun
    animations highlighted the product characteristics, which offered passers-by the chance to take home an Amstel Radler. Publips Serviceplan worked with Media Agency Dentsu RedStar on the activation.
    No brand campaign has ever featured a giant billboard made of lemons, and the innovative campaign continues the theme of Amstel Radler’s 2018 campaign: ‘Bring out the doer that we all have inside of us’.
    ‘You can’t get this taste without lemons’ is part of a strategy developed for Amstel by Publips Serviceplan, which forms a part of the new communication platform, “Unchain the Great”. Amstel Radler encourages its consumers to take a fresh perspective on things with the tagline: “Be refreshed and unchain the great”.

    2018-09-28 00:00:00
    The 14th Innovation Day is dedicated to new strategies for the future Together with partners IP Deutschland, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, G+J e|MS, Antenne Bayern and Samsung, Serviceplan Group hosts the 14th Edition of Innovation Day at the Munich House of Communication on Wednesday 26 September.

    Every year at Oktoberfest time, a carefully curated group of top international speakers and personalities from the worlds of business, politics, media and communication meet at the House of Communication for Innovation Day. Top of the agenda are themes around current developments and trends in the media and communications industry, and insights into visionary business ideas and technological developments, presented in the form of lectures, discussions and workshops.

    This year, more than 400 guests including Board Members, Managing Directors and Brand Managers congregate in Munich for Innovation Day at the invitation of Serviceplan Group and our partners; IP Deutschland, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z), G+J e|MS, Antenne Bayern and Samsung. Following a welcome from Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group, the moderator and journalist Wolfram Kons guides the participants through the day.

    Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel opens this year's Innovation Day with a keynote address on Europe's path to a digital future. The CEO of G+J e|MS, Julia Jäkel, points out some particularly important issues for leadership in the age of digitalisation. If you want to make yourself heard above the deluge of advertising messages, your brand communication has to be more imaginative today than ever before.

    At a talk devoted to creativity, Oliviero Toscani and Serviceplan's own multi-award-winning Chief Creative Officer Alexander Schill will provide insights into the creative process, from inspiration to the finished campaign. In his presentation, media expert Tyler Brûlé will reveal insights into how he uses his globally acknowledged status as a style expert to market luxury in a new way and the innovative platforms he is creating in the process. Alibaba Group General Manager Europe Terry von Bibra will be talking about what German retailers and brands can learn from China's e-commerce giants. Successful media all-rounder Joko Winterscheidt will be revealing why he is turning to print at a time of digitalisation, why personalised magazines have become a megatrend, and how he is building on his profile as a personality brand with a men's magazine. Top speakers such as economist and leadership expert Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg, digital and business expert Carsten Knop, and internationally renowned artificial intelligence expert Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber will also be joining the stage at the House of Communication.

    The Innovation Lounge

    At this year's Innovation Day, guests will also be able to find inspiration in our "Innovation Lounge". This is where technical vision and developments come to life. Alongside the daily programme, there will also be the opportunity to experience the innovations of tomorrow, today. In addition to creative and futuristic gadgets, guests can also discover and test technical innovations that will affect life in the future. And in the lounge, innovative pioneers will present the latest developments and their applications for the entire communications industry.

    Host and Serviceplan Group CEO Florian Haller says: "The Innovation Day is a day full of inspiration and new ideas for our guests and partners – IP Deutschland, F.A.Z., G+J e|MS, Antenne Bayern and Samsung. Personally, I am also looking forward to many exciting speakers and personalities joining our stage at the House of Communication."

    Further details about the speakers of the day, the programme and the Innovation Lounge can be found on the website

    CMO Award Night

    For the fifth time, the "CMO of the Year" will be awarded during the evening of the Innovation Day. Under the motto of "From CMOs for CMOs", the "CMO of the Year" Council selected Germany's top 10 Chief Marketing Officers through an online survey – based on the five evaluation criteria of person, success, image, innovation and internationality. The winner was then determined by the 21-member "CMO of the Year" jury in a session lasting several hours. The recipient will be awarded the coveted trophy in the presence of around 400 decision-makers tonight at the CMO Award Night in the Alte Bayerischen Staatsbank in Munich. The gala will be hosted by Wolfram Kons, who is also hosting Innovation Day, and the journalist and non-fiction writer Gabor Steingart will give the evening address.

    Throughout the day, everyone will be able to find up-to-date quotes, photos, and more on social media and Photos for editorial use will be available during the afternoon/from Thursday at

    All information on the "CMO of the Year" award can be found at where the winner will be showcased tomorrow morning.

    2018-09-26 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Feature in Top 5 Cannes Lions Innovation Agency of Year Ranking As Cannes Lions release their 2018 Global Creativity Report, Serviceplan Group celebrates 2 placements in the top 5 Innovation Agency of Year ranking, and become first German agency to win 2 Innovation Lions.
    The Global Creativity Report covers insights and trends from the Cannes Lions festival.
    Featuring Top Five performance rankings for 2018 and analysis of award-winning and shortlisted work form the Festival, it acts as a definitive resource for creative benchmarking. So it is a great achievement for Serviceplan Group to feature in the Top 5 Innovation Agency of the Year, as well as the Design Lions and Innovation Lions Top 5 rankings.
    Serviceplan Germany has the number 4 position in the Innovation Agency of the Year ranking, closely followed by Serviceplan Korea at number 5. And in Design Lions Serviceplan Germany take 3rd place.
    Serviceplan Group are the first German agency to win 2 Innovation Lions (one in 2016 and one this year) and be ranked in Innovation Agency of the Year. Serviceplan Korea is the first South Korean Agency ever to make the Innovation Agency of the Year Top 5.
    Serviceplan Group Chief Creative Officer Alexander Schill commented: “It is a great achievement for Serviceplan Group to be the first German Agency to win 2 Innovation Lions and be ranked in Innovation Agency of the Year. Without the efforts of the teams in Germany and Korea who worked on the campaigns awarded Design and Innovation Lions for their outstanding work with BECK’s, Ehinger Kraftrad and Dot, this result would not have been possible.”
    Serviceplan Korea CEO and Managing Partner Julie Kang commented: “We are thrilled to be the only Korean agency ever ranked in Top 5 Innovation Agency of the Year, and to win an Innovation award at Cannes. I am really proud of my team willing to come out of the safe zone and be brave. Serviceplan Korea will continue to prove our innovation with our own way”

    View the 2018 Cannes Lions Global Creativity Report here

    2018-08-30 00:00:00
    Serviceplan France Joint CCO Fabien Teichner selected for Jury of The One Club’s ‘Next Creative Leaders’ Competition Fabien Teichner, Joint Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan France, will take part in the jury of The One Club and 3% Movement’s new initiative: ‘Next Creative Leaders’.


    The One Club for Creativity, the world's foremost non-profit organization recognizing creative excellence in advertising and design, and The 3% Movement, the advertising industry’s leading voice for gender equality and diversity overall, opened the global call for entries for their joint Next Creative Leaders program.  Serviceplan France’s Joint Chief Creative Officer Fabien Teichner joins the jury alongside prominent creative directors from around the world including; Martin Agency CCO Karen Costello; Joaquin Molla, Founder of The Community US; Ogilvy New York Associate Creative Director Sakshi Choudhary; and Apple Group Creative Director Arem Duplessis.  

    Developed collaboratively by the organizations in 2015, Next Creative Leadersidentifies and celebrates talented creative women around the world who are making their mark with both great work and a workplace perspective on diversity that helps change the industry for the better.  

    The One Club for Creativity, producer of the prestigious One Show, ADC Annual Awards and Creative Week, is the world's foremost non-profit organization whose mission is to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community.

    The 10 Women nominees for Next Creative Leaderswill be revealed at The 3% Conference in New York, November 8-9, 2018, with some of them in attendance to speak.  Winners will be profiled on The One Club for Creativity website and The 3% Movement blog and the news will be promoted through the two organizations’ social media channels.  Honorees will also be invited to serve as judges for next year’s program, and may be asked to speak at future events sponsored by the two organizations.

    “The One Club for Creativity has a long-standing commitment to providing programming that helps solve the industry's diversity problem as opposed to just talking about it,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club. “We created our own Inclusion & Diversity Department a decade ago, and support programs like Next Creative Leaders that identify, elevate and give voice to those who are making a real difference.  They are the ones who are opening the door and inspiring the next generation of women who follow in their footsteps.”

    “We’re so impressed by the 30 talented women who have been named Next Creative Leaders in the past three years—they’re all producing amazing creative work that actually makes a difference,” said Kat Gordon, founder, The 3% Movement “And to see this initiative grow into a global program—with six of last year’s 10 winners hailing from outside the US—that’s been so exciting. It’s really become a global showcase for modern creative leadership.”

    To make Next Creative Leaders as open and accessible as possible, there is no cost to enter the competition.  Entrants are judged on four-to-six pieces of creative work, their background and information about how they — and their work — are pushing the industry forward and making a positive contribution in terms of diversity, mentoring and advocacy.  Winners will be selected by a jury of top creatives, including past Next Creative Leaders winners.

    Entries highlighting a candidate’s creativity, leadership and point of view can be submitted at:  Deadline is August 17, 2018. There is no fee to enter.

    2018-08-29 00:00:00
    Amnesty International Highlight Plight of Chinese Activist Ni Yulan in Serviceplan Campaign Serviceplan Belgium created an Architectural Model with a difference, in order to promote an Amnesty International petition supporting human rights campaigner Ni Yulan, and drawing attention to the millions of Chinese forced out of their homes to make way for real estate.

    New building projects in China come with a price.  Ni Yulan is paying for it.   For the past 20 years, China has been building on a scale never seen before.  However the rapid construction comes at a price, with millions of Chinese people forced out of their homes to make way for luxury real estate, factories and roads. In this way, local administrators can meet the Communist Party's desire to ensure economic growth. House evictions are often accompanied by violence, and the victims receive only a small compensation, which is no more than a fraction of the value of their home.  

    Civil rights Lawyer Ni Yulan has spent several years appealing to Chinese authorities to put an end to this injustice.   Her peaceful activism has resulted in her eviction and torture. 

    Prestigious real estate projects are often promoted with attractive 3D simulations, where scale model figures live happily in an ideal environment. Serviceplan used the same visual language to promote a fictional real estate project in China. Except they created an architectural scale model with a twist, depicting Police brutality against Ni Yulan, in order to draw attention to the millions of Chinese thrown out of their homes to make room for luxury buildings.  

    With this campaign Amnesty International draws attention to the plight of human rights defender Ni Yulan.  The Amnesty International film has been broadcast during cultural festivals in Belgium. In order to reinforce the campaign, Serviceplan also created a stand around its 3D model with the same model figures, a poster, an ad and flyers. 

    In 2002 Ni Yulan was arrested when she filmed the demolition of a house. She was tortured for several days resulting in broken feet and kneecaps, and is now in a wheelchair. When she asked for compensation, she was arrested and sentenced to one year in prison. She also lost her license to work as a lawyer.  

    After her release, Ni Yulan continued her work supporting the growing number of victims of evictions. She was then detained twice more for a total of four and a half years. Outside the prison she was constantly harassed, given a travel ban and evicted from her home at least seven times, most recently in April 2017.  

    In solidarity with Ni Yulan, Amnesty International started a petition to defend her human rights.  The Amnesty petition invites the Director of the Municipal SecurityOffice of Beijing to provide a home for Ni Yulan and lift her travel ban. 

    Find out more about the Ni Yulan petition here:

    2018-08-01 00:00:00
    Jason Romeyko, Serviceplan Worldwide Executive Creative Director, to sit on London International Awards 2018 Ambient | Print | Poster | Billboard |Verbal Identity Jury LIA Ambient | Print | Poster | Billboard | Verbal Identity Jury will feature Serviceplan WWECD Jason Romeyko, and creative team from Serviceplan win competition to qualify for LIA’s Creative LIAison program.

    London International Awards (LIA) 2018 have announced their Ambient | Print | Poster | Billboard |Verbal Identity Jury, which will feature Jason Romeyko, Serviceplan Worldwide Executive Creative Director. LIA is a global festival honoring creativity and new ideas in Advertising, Production, Digital, Design, Health & Medical, Music & Sound, Technology and Branded Entertainment.


    The Jury President is Jeremy Craigen, Global Chief Creative Officer of Innocean Worldwide, who commented: “I can’t believe it’s ten years since LIA has been judged in Vegas. What I can believe is that under its management, it has gone from strength to strength, always evolving, never afraid to try out new ideas. Our industry could learn a lot from LIA. Yes, I’m biased, they are like family. But every juror that comes to judge LIA feels the same way,” stated Craigen.

    “While it is true that a lot of our judges feel like part of the LIA family once they have judged for us, the main undergirding reason why these judges were chosen is because they are known in their countries and worldwide for their outstanding work. We have every confidence that they will select only the winners based on the highest creative standards,” said Barbara Levy, President of LIA.

    Creative LIAisons

    A creative team of Bo Yi and Sun Zhen (Art Director and Copywriter) from Serviceplan Beijing, won an internal competition among all young talents within Serviceplan Group, to qualify for LIA’s Creative LIAison program.

    Eight years ago, after in-depth discussions with the Worldwide Chief Creative Officers and other leaders in the industry, London International Awards (LIA) decided to replace the one- night Awards Ceremony in London with an educational initiative for young talent between the ages of 21 and 30. Creative LIAisons is an annual program limited to 100 attendees from around the globe.

    LIAisons has become one of the most sought after programs in the industry. As a way of giving back, LIA provides air transportation and hotel accommodations to those that attend. The companies that send attendees do not incur any costs. LIA does not directly choose the attendees. Seats are allocated to companies and networks that support LIA through entries and media outlets that organize creative competitions around the world.

    Creative LIAisons runs concurrently with London International Awards (LIA) judging, providing exclusive access to all of LIA's jury members. This is the perfect opportunity for the attendees to mingle and have one-on-one discussions with the top creative talent in advertising, design, digital, production and technology. LIA also hosts a party for jurors, speakers, media and the Creative LIAisons attendees. It is an informal event that allows juniors to have unfettered access to the leaders of the industry.

    The program consists of networking, seminars and the privilege to sit in on statue deliberations. Allowing junior creatives access to the judging room from the beginning of statue discussions through to the final metal decisions is an experience no other award show offers. Not only does it provide insight as to what is an award winning piece of work, but provides a guide as to what sets apart great creative. This has been described by many of the Creative LIAisons' alumni as priceless.

    This years Creative LIAisons takes place from 3rd October through 6th October 

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