Kampanya Five and the Jetpack
Reklamcı Great Western Railway
Marka Great Western Railway
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Public Transport, Mass Transit
hikaye An adventure that starts when Uncle Quentin shows off his latest invention – a homemade jetpack. The jetpack doesn’t perform quite as it should, and when Uncle Quentin proudly presses the ignition button, he spirals out of control and into the sky. The adventurous quintet quickly jump on a high speed GWR train in a bid to follow him and save him from whatever danger he may be in. From inside the train, they spot Uncle Quentin hanging off a distant castle, and in a race against time they speed through the stunning countryside, straight past queuing traffic, and catch him just before he falls.
Medya Türü Television
Post Prodüksiyon
Head of Marketing
Marketing Manager
Group Executive Creative Director
Yaratıcı Ajans Başkanı
Yaratıcı Yönetmen
Yaratıcı Yönetmen
Reklam Yazarı
Reklam Yazarı
Sanat Yönetmeni
Sanat Yönetmeni
Agency TV Producer
Planning Partner
Strateji Planlama
Joint Group CEO
Managing Partner
Müşteri Direktörü
Müşteri Temsilcisi
Medya Planlama
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Prodüksiyon Şirketi

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