BaşlıkMy Perfect Bowl
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Kampanya #MyPerfectBowl
Reklamcı Kellogg Company
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Sektör Breakfast Cereals

The ad’s stars come from across the UK and Ireland, all with differing lifestyles and routines: including 9-5ers, shift staff, early risers, farmers, night workers and drag queens. They are shown debating among themselves which is the most enjoyable bowl of Corn Flakes that one can eat throughout the day, from the routine-loving woman who has to have hers at precisely 7.50 every morning, to a woman who insists that evening is the perfect time.

Medya Türü Television
Yaratıcı Ajans Başkanı
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Yaratıcı Yönetmen
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Yaratıcı Ekip
Yaratıcı Ekip
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