BaşlıkHelp is Part of It: Frontline Workers Counseling Project
Kampanya Helping Those Helping Us
Reklamcı Frontline Workers Counseling Project
Marka FWCP
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Disease Awareness, Support Groups & Associations
Slogan Frontline workers, you're not alone.
hikaye In Spring 2020, as Covid-19 took hold in the U.S., healthcare workers were our first line of defense. Among other things, they were exhausted, angry, and confused, often lacking the proper equipment to protect themselves and their families.

Sensing a burgeoning mental health crisis, two therapists in San Francisco decided to do something unprecedented: offer free mental health counseling to essential workers for the duration of the pandemic. We helped them build the Frontline Workers Counseling Project. We then gave them the ability to quickly spread awareness about this invaluable resource to the right people.

In an atmosphere where the media was treating frontline workers as heroes, we set out to capture and honor the complicated reality of the frontline worker experience to recognize their struggles and open themselves up to receiving help. Emotions like sadness, confusion, anger, and fear were brought to the forefront, with the goal of destigmatizing them.
But the ones helping others often don't ask for help themselves. So, while frontline workers were our target audience, we knew we needed to engage insiders and allies to reach them: family, friends, hospital admins, Facebook group admins, influencers, politicians. This "insiders and allies" approach became our communications plan for another reason: there was no media budget for a broad awareness campaign. A secondary audience for this campaign was professional therapists, whom we hoped would be inspired to volunteer.

We gave the project its name and visual ID. Central to this ID symbolized the care FWCP provides to frontline workers and the care frontline workers provide to us.
We designed a website to serve both frontline workers and volunteer therapists. We launched the website in June 2020, along with an anthem film titled "Help is Part of It," made entirely in-house with donated photography. In it, frontline workers are depicted not as heroes but as humans, persevering under a burden.

Most importantly, we created a connected ecosystem of content & tools designed for frontline worker and professional therapist communities to share easily, including social, email, text messages, and signage. We handed this toolkit to the project's organizers to manage, dispense and expand upon, helping them amplify the project's crucial message: help is at hand.
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