Santa Monica, United States
BaşlıkBillionaires in Space
Kampanya Billionaires in Space
Reklamcı Apartments.com
Marka Apartments.com
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Sektör Real Estate
hikaye In the latest campaign from Apartments.com, Brad Bellflower (Jeff Goldblum) is back to show exactly why Apartments.com is, and always will be, the go-to place for renters. For this round, Brad is everywhere, from exploring spaces in his in-house observatory to observing the world from inside a washing machine. Anything it takes to show renters that all the tools, amenities and listings they need can only be found in one place: Apartments.com.
Medya Türü Television & Cinema
Brand Marketing Director
EVP / Chief Creative Officer
VP / Marketing
SVP / Executive Creative Director
VP / Creative Director
VP / Creative Director
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Yaratıcı Yönetmen Ortağı
EVP / Chief Production Officer
SVP / Director of Video Production
VP / Executive Producer
Video Production Coordinator
VP / Director of Business Affairs
Business Affairs Manager
Executive VP / Chief Client Officer
SVP / Account Director
Management Supervisor
Senior Account Executive

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