Kampanya Buxton
Reklamcı Nestlé Waters
Marka Buxton
PostedHaziran 2017
Sektör Mineral, Sparkling & Bottled Waters
hikaye It’s all about that one runner. They’re never going to set a record. They just want to get across the line. Nestle Waters wanted us to reach this London Marathon participant – the have-a-go hero – and present Buxton water as their natural choice. The early starts. Sundays in the park – not the pub. Running can be a lonely pursuit. We promised our first-time competitors that we’d be right there alongside them with our motivating campaign, ‘Every sip of the way.’ We started weeks out from the London Marathon, with those short runs and muscle soreness. As we got closer to the event, we showed we had the stamina, too. Posting frequency increased. Based on personal interviews with first-time runners, we created posts that really matched their mind-set, moment by moment.
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