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PostedHaziran 2017
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hikaye Streaming, downloads and bootlegs are all hitting the traditional movie theater experience. We wanted to find that movie fan who seeks the big emotional hit that only the big screen can deliver. And then we wanted to remind them what makes that experience so special. Cinemark launched its loyalty program without marquee images of the latest releases and Hollywood stars. Instead, we turned the camera on the audience, capturing the joy that the cinema experience delivers to the true fan. Rather than rewarding people for simply “seeing more films,” we drew on more evocative language, rewarding their cheers and jeers, chills and thrills, shakes and shocks. Striking black and white imagery of customers stands out amid the slew of famous faces that fills Cinemark lobbies. The emotional lines resonated with customers, reminding them that the shared, social experience of going to the movies sure beats sitting alone in front of a laptop.
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