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PostedHaziran 2017
Sektör Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance
hikaye It’s that one person we all know. They’re not the quickest to settle an IOU with their friends. They might be first at the bar. But they’re last to buy a round. We wanted to show how easy it is to pay friends back for the things we owe them. We started with the proposition ‘Don’t let money come between friends’. And since mobile payments are so easy with PayPal, there’s really no excuse. We dramatized this by playing on the dual nature of “payback” – for settling an IOU, and also for settling a score. We created quirky, engaging films that in just 15 seconds established an interesting character, explained the product, contained a twist – and raised a smile. That’s some tight storytelling. And it followed all the best practice, ‘thumbstopping’ guidance preached by Facebook.
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