BaşlıkColor Your Adventure
Kampanya Color Your Adventure
Reklamcı Toyota Motor Corporation
Marka Toyota RAV4
PostedŞubat 2019
Sektör Four Wheel Drive, SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle)
hikaye We targeted working 25-40 year-old men and women who had previously owned smaller, entry-level Toyota vehicles for purely practical reasons. Moving them into a RAV4 would help them see Toyota vehicles as adventurous vehicles that could grow with them and allow them to more readily dabble in the great outdoors, as their affinity for such activities continues to increase, while also forging a more emotional connection to the brand.
We leveraged the exploding adult coloring book phenomenon and partnered with the premiere coloring app, Pigment, to create an immersive brand experience. After commissioning an artist to create a series of themed illustrations that showed off the RAV4’s diverse capabilities, we invited our audience to spend time coloring in each page to see how the vehicle could fit their lifestyle.
Our primary KPI was content engagement. And the results show that the RAV4 audience loved the creative ride. The branded app pages generated 51,851 users. And 83,123 total pages were colored by users. That netted out to an average time spent coloring branded content of 37.2 minutes per user — far exceeding our 5-minute target. All of that added up to over 1.93 million minutes of interaction with Toyota RAV4 branded content.
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