BaşlıkHeineken UEFA Champions League Unmissable
BriefHeineken humorously highlights its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League by showing a series of people who miss dramatic goal moments due to simple bad timing. Going to the fridge for a beer, taking a leak, getting an inopportune phone call or opening the door for the pizza guy...all are fraught with peril. Happily Heineken is here to offer comfort.
Kampanya World’s Most Unmissable Moments
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Marka Heineken
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Sektör Beers, Ciders, Lagers
hikaye Heineken believes that when you choose to take a fresh perspective, you will enjoy life more. The new Heineken® brand tone is inspirational, light-hearted and universally appealing, the new brand Idea takes commonly held beliefs and twists them with a refreshing Heineken® point of view to let you enjoy life more.
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Global Integrated Communication and Innovation Manager
Communications Manager
Global Chief Creative Officer
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Yaratıcı Yönetmen
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Yaratıcı Yönetmen Ortağı
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International Strategic Planner
International Strategic Planner
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International Account Manager
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Production Coordinator
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Sound Engineer
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Yaratıcı Ekip
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Senior Producer
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