BaşlıkPatrón Cocktail Lab
Kampanya Patrón Cocktail Lab
Reklamcı The Patrón Spirits Company
Marka Patrón Tequila
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Alcoholic
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Patrón Cocktail Lab is an intelligent, recommendation engine that combines consumer insights and technology across mobile, desktop and voice-enabled platforms to serve up the perfect cocktail for you — it's like having your favorite bartender anywhere. Patrón Cocktail Lab showcases the variety and discoverability of Patrón cocktails by delivering recommendations based on occasion, type, flavor, and level of difficulty. Answer a few short questions, search by name or ingredient, or simply “Ask Patrón” for a cocktail that suits your mood on your Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Patrón Cocktail Lab has an extensive catalog of expertly curated cocktails and the recipe database is updated monthly with submissions from top bartenders around the world. Pro Tip videos teach you the latest mixology techniques so anyone can make the perfect cocktail at home to complement any mood, meal, or moment. WIRED recently named Patrón one of the 10 Best Amazon Echo Skills. Currently, Patrón is the highest-rated cocktail app on the Amazon Alexa platform.

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While Patrón leads the ultra-premium tequila category, the brand was struggling with consumer and trade perception of tequila as a one-dimensional spirit – used for shots or as an ingredient in a margarita. In order to sustain their #1 position in the marketplace and grow share of mind with these key audience segments, we needed to educate on the versatility of tequila and encourage usage of Patrón in craft cocktails.

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The Cocktail Lab results have been staggering, with page views increasing 3X in the first three weeks. To monitor the performance of the Patrón skill, we developed a custom tracking solution that leverages Google Analytics API within the Alexa app. Notable stats include 38% increase in site traffic, 20% increase in returning visitors, 109% increase in traffic to cocktail pages, and over 27,000 total voice users. The Patrón skill for Alexa has garnered tremendous media attention from Digiday, Forbes, MediaPost and AdWeek. WIRED recently named Patrón one of the 10 Best Amazon Echo Skills. Currently, Patrón is the highest-rated cocktail app on the Amazon Alexa platform and was named a "2016 Customer Favorite.”

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