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80 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7DB
telefon: (+44) 020 7549 5800

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temel yetkinlikler: Marketing/Creative Services, Branding/Naming/Product Development

Bulunan yer: 2005

Çalışan: 30

Ödüller: 2

Yaratıcı Çalışma: 3

Müşteriler: 5

krow Communications

80 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7DB
telefon: (+44) 020 7549 5800

Barry Cook


telefon: (+44) 020 7025 0003

Nick Hastings

Creative Director

Fran Caplan

Marketing Director

telefon: (+44) 07966 195114

About krow Communications

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İngilizce, İtalyanca
Felsefe & Rekabete Dayanan Avantajlar
Krow is set up to create communications that trigger people to actually DO something.
We're different.

1. We work backwards.

We start with the outcome our clients need.
Then we work out what behaviour we must generate in order to reach that outcome. (It is not enough to merely shift attitude or raise awareness). Next, we identify what will trigger that behaviour, and where and when that trigger should be communicated.
Only then do we develop and execute the communications idea.

2.We operate a strict message and media meritocracy.
Our size, independence and experience means we have no prejudice about providing any particular kind of work, or using a particular media. Our only criteria for choosing either is: Will it work?
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