Ekaterinburg, Russia
BaşlıkThe Wrong Bank
Kampanya The Wrong Bank
Reklamcı Tochka Bank
Marka Tochka Bank
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Sektör Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance
hikaye Banks are all about money. Banking service is all about huge amount of papers and time. Every banking problem can be solved according to an established pattern. This system has been working for ages and, as it is hard to change, is considered right. From that point of view, Tochka Bank is the wrong bank. Everything Tochka does wrong is governed by one essential principle – love towards its clients. Understanding of the entrepreneur’s needs and the courage to break the mold has alwaysmade Tochka the outsider and the example for other banks at the same time. New Tochka Bank’s advertising campaign is about those who choose love over everything else. It is love towards your business and entrepreneurs, towards anything around you. Love is the driving force that helps change the world to the better.
Medya Türü Television
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