BaşlıkThe KONA Way
Kampanya The KONA Way
Reklamcı Hyundai Motor America
Marka Hyundai KONA
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Cars
hikaye THE CHALLENGE Hyundai was launching their brand new small SUV, the Hyundai KONA, into a market where their SUVs were lesser known; and the buyers were focused more on experiences and less on owning things. OUR SOLUTION To celebrate those who pursue passion over possessions, we created The KONA Way. This 3-part content series paired islanders living on Hawaii with travel influencers. We followed their tours around the island together as they shared what it meant to live purposefully.
Sonuç We filmed our production on the Big Island of Hawaii in March of 2018. As the news of the volcano eruption came out, we worked quickly with Hyundai to support the people of the island who so graciously welcomed and inspired us.
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