BriefAll eras intertwine at Puy du Fou. Visitors are immersed into history allowing the past to come to life before their very eyes. The idea of the movie
Kampanya Eternels
Reklamcı Puy du Fou
Marka Puy du Fou
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Leisure Parks, Zoos & Fairs
Slogan History is waiting for you
The most beautiful park in the world finally has a spectacular and moving promotional film. Puy du Fou, voted the “best park in the world”, unveiled its short promotional film ! The film was directed by the award-winning film-maker Bruno Aveillan and marketed by Les Gros Mots. The film was entirely filmed in the heart of Puy du Fou’s authentic, scenic park and includes performances from the park’s stuntmen, horse riders and artists. This epic, which takes us on a journey through the centuries, draws an original parallel to visitors’ experiences of Puy du Fou, taking us from one era to another through breathtaking spectacles. 
felsefe Puy du Fou takes the audience on a journey with Louis, a so-called ‘Poilu’ from the First World War, abandoned on the battlefield in the hellhole at Verdun. The young soldier is looking at a photo of his fiancé, who seems to be calling for his help. He then embarks on an odyssey through the centuries to find her. 
Sonuç It took two and a half years of preparation and an entire week of filming using five cameras filming simultaneously in order to bring this unique picture to life, one that reflects the quality experienced by Puy du Fou’s visitors. Over 200 actors from Puy du Fou took part in the making of this extraordinary film, which required 600 costumes, 30 horses, 2 tons of fireworks, 30 make-up artists, 2 drones and over 60 hours of rushes. Bruno Aveillan has been able to translate the aesthetics and visual force of Puy du Fou, facets which have made the park famous for over 40 years, into a spectacular and moving film. 
Medya Türü Cinema
film müziği Nathan Stornetta
Director / Producer
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