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Educate NFL fans nationwide about the variety and versatility of league and team-branded apparel that’s stylish and wearable even beyond game day.
Only 5% of NFL fans have ever attended a live game. For most, actual games are inaccessible, so most never get that galvanizing in-stadium experience.  So we needed to bring those game-day thrills to the fans, letting them become immersed in the brand – and the apparel items that can make them feel closer to the action.
A 20-event, 40-week mobile tour focused on NFL Consumer Products lines like Women’s Fashion, Men’s Lifestyle, Homegating, Kids (Rush Zone) and Tweens. By teaming next-gen technology with retail partnerships and team participation, we put an once-in-a-lifetime education-and-interaction experience onto the field:

Tour stops included training camps, stadiums on game day, major retailers, and NFL calendared events such as Kickoff, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, plus playoff game stadium locations.
A mobile, interactive footprint included a trailer housing a multi-station NFL lifestyle event, with integrated RFID bracelets and mobile tablets allowing seamless sharing of event-exclusive content for the fans, as well as data capture for the NFL.
Fans browsed team merchandise, digitally “tried on” clothes using next-gen fitting tech, met NFL players and personalities, and interacted with the NFL’s newest products and technology.
Integrating with NFL’s existing social media allowed use of existing creative assets; a custom landing page hosted tour info, social media links and more.

The program won in a rout, with total media impressions far outscoring the program goal, huge tour attendee traffic and millions of social media impressions that actually drove a huge uptick in the NFL’s social media audience.
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