BaşlıkCreating The Grape Escape
Kampanya Creating The Grape Escape
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Hey, a lot of people love grape juice, and Welch’s is the biggest brand in the segment. But how to keep increasing awareness of the brand’s benefits as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially to health industry influencers at crowded trade shows?
Grapes are rich in antioxidants, so we knew we should unforgettably remind our audience of the connection between the juice with the fruit of the vine, and Welch’s down-to-earth origins.  
What better way to disruptively get our point across than bringing an entire vineyard to the trade show floor?

We created a farm-themed trade show experience replicating the rustic look-and-feel of a vineyard.
Branding, product trial, private consultations, educational learning, visitor rewards and social media amplification were all integrated elements of the total experience.
Every year, features were updated or added to keep our strategy fresh on the vine.

Welch’s vineyard continues to be one of the most popular stops at health-based trade shows, and has even taken root outside that category at other conferences and events over the years.
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