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524 Broadway Ave, Floor 4
New York NY 10012
telefon: (+1) 212 334 3415

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temel yetkinlikler: Full Service, Mobile, Social Media, Marketing/Creative Services, Experiential, Branded Content/Entertainment, Corporate Communication, Events/Sponsoring, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Strategy and Planning, Healthcare, Financial, Agricultural, Industrial, Technology, Online services, B2B, Retail, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Travel and Tourism, Consumer

Bulunan yer: 2008

Çalışan: 80

Ödüller: 71

Yaratıcı Çalışma: 14

Müşteriler: 61


524 Broadway Ave, Floor 4
New York NY 10012
telefon: (+1) 212 334 3415

Scott Kerr

Managing Director of Strategic Accounts

telefon: (+1) 212-334-3415

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About the Agency INVNT


We are INVNT. We craft powerful narratives that change people’s relationship with brands and organizations. We do this using the most potent form of marketing there is: live.

We don’t claim to be all things to all people.

Live is where we live.

We create and produce events for every audience that matters – employees, customers, industry partners, members, investors, press, consumers – with events that range from a few dozen to tens of thousands.

We are experts at leveraging the heightened emotions of live experiences to change what people believe and do by changing how they feel.


Our mantra, single guiding principle and differentiator.

We self-identify as a challenger brand in our own industry. We find the challenger in everyone one of our customers, big or small. We believe that challenging leads to the best, most memorable and effective audience experiences. We challenge as a means to create change for our clients.

INVNT is the challenger agency for challenger brands.

Our proprietary methodology – INVNTION – keeps us integrated across our staff of INVNTrs spanning communications strategy, creative, production, technical and logistics. We’re built to scale swiftly to meet demand, and thrive when we co-create and collaborate with our clients, other agencies, vendor partners and specialists.

Let’s challenge, together. 


İngilizce, Almanca, Çince, Arapça
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