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Kampanya Break the Cycle
Reklamcı Face it TOGETHER
Marka Face it TOGETHER
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Sektör Anti-Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Message
hikaye Health and Happiness advertising agency LRXD has created an integrated campaign to raise awareness and drive traffic to the new Face it TOGETHER addiction support center (FIT) in Denver. Media components include broadcast and connected TV, digital video and social media. The campaign, which recently launched in Colorado and South Dakota to coincide with the opening of the Denver 8,000-foot flagship center, will continue throughout the end of the year. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to address the root societal cause of addiction rather than just the symptoms. Creative director Jamie Reedy added, “We hope to move in, at least in the beginning, to get more people—loved ones, employers and those with addiction problems—to simply say, ‘Help me find a better way!’” Some of LRXD’s ads feature individuals recording dashboard confessionals into their phone cameras on their “first” day of sobriety. What begins as proud declarative moments plummet into defeat as the days go by. Each ad tags with “Break the Cycle” and information on how to contact FIT. Another spot features a vintage neon sign that flashes the message “Sober.” However, the old sign is on the fritz, and when it’s fully operating, the message reads “Not Sober.” It flickers on and off. The campaign contains seven ads of varying lengths. There’s no shortage of recovery options in the Denver community, it’s just that FIT takes a much different approach. FIT was designed to approach getting people well the right way. The brand’s POV: Sober doesn’t necessarily mean better. Looking at sobriety as the only measure of success won’t get a person to the core of the problem and lasting wellness. “This campaign really takes us in a new, bold direction that should help expand our reach and impact,” said Erika Batcheller, Chief Communications Officer at Face It TOGETHER. “We want to resonate with people emotionally—our goal is to stop people in their tracks and get them to think differently about addiction and the work that we do. We partnered with LRXD because of their unique emphasis on health and happiness and strong creative chops. They took us through a really intensive process to refine our positioning and strategy.” FIT is a nonprofit organization that was created in Sioux Falls, S.D. in 2009. They recently moved their headquarters to Denver and have coaching centers in CO, ND, MN and SD and serve clients in more than 16 states. Coaching is offered remotely by video, phone, text or email through the Face It TOGETHER mobile app or in person at one of FIT’s centers. Their coaching is designed to be as undisruptive to people’s lives as possible, and using FIT’s metrics, 91% of clients show measurable steps toward wellness after 120 days of coaching
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