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hikaye Health & Happiness Advertising Agency LRXD has created new packaging for Growers, a Colorado company that sells soil and nutrients designed to grow the most verdant cannabis crops.
felsefe For more than 15 years, Growers has envisioned the future of growing cannabis based on the past by combining the handcrafted art of cultivation with emerging technology to produce a consistent and effective line of soils and nutrients. Now, LRXD has debuted new product packaging that communicates this philosophy by juxtaposing expository iconography with playful type treatments. To give the brand a unique look and show shoppers that the details are in the dirt, packages are rendered in a vintage industrial style that jumbles elements of decorative text with simple, two-color images in a modular format that highlights several specific product benefits. Through different font treatments, information such as “Small Batch,” “Colorado Made” and “Contains Starter Nutrients” jumps off the packages, which are illustrated with helpful charts and icons. The agency designed packaging for tubs of Growers Standard Base Fertilizer and Triple O Magnesium Boost, along with its small-batch bags of Moisture Holding Retaining Mix, High Porosity Drainage Formula and 100% Coco Coconut Fiber. Each Growers’ product is assigned a different ink color and combined with a black base. “The specific, proprietary formulations of these products come from years of experience in the ranks of the Growers company,” said LRXD Creative Director Andy Dutlinger. “Chip Baker, who founded the company, grew up on a farm and has been perfecting soil and fertilizer from his own cultivation of cannabis. We wanted to showcase his vast knowledge and utilization of cutting-edge technology, as well as his colorful personality, with this brand.”
Sonuç What resulted was a legacy design look associated with farm and seed companies, blended with a modern, sleek overtone.
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Krediler Advertising Agency: LRXD Creative Director: Andy Dutlinger Designers: Drew Bentley, Tyler Merritt Copywriter: Greg Lewis Chief Digital Officer: John Gilbert Lead Developer: Dan Alexander Account Manager: Clayton Warwick Client: Growers Chief Executive Officer: Chip Baker

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