IPNY, Inc.

New York, United States
BaşlıkThe Difference is Wanting to make a Difference
Kampanya The Difference is Wanting to make a Difference
Reklamcı Astoria Bank
Marka Astoria Bank
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Banking & Financial Services, Investments, Stock Brokers
hikaye Astoria Bank? Not the first bank that comes to a New Yorker’s mind despite Astoria having served the city and Long Island for over a century. Our campaign has reversed this perception in a hurry, based on research that led to a provocative truth about Astoria bankers and Astoria customers: Both love what they do for a living. And when you love what you do, you do it better. Hence Astoria’s proud theme line, “The difference is wanting to make a difference,” which drove business and laid the foundation for a new level of banking relationship.
Sonuç The campaign’s impact on the bank’s assets has been tangible. Checking account momentum has swung from negative to positive growth. New household checking acquisition has increased. The attrition rate for checking accounts has dropped. Average checking balances among customers grew. Commercial sales team leads increased. Brand awareness is up 20%. And JD Power Customer Satisfaction is up 37 points, the most significant increase of any bank in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Medya Türü Outdoor/Out of Home

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