ID Lab Brand

Johannesburg, South Africa

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129 Patricia Road Atholl Towers
Johannesburg Sandton
telefon: (+27) 763614726

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ID Lab Brand

129 Patricia Road Atholl Towers
Johannesburg Sandton
telefon: (+27) 763614726

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About ID Lab Brand

ID Lab focuses on design works at the intersection of architecture, branding and new technologies. 


Felsefe & Rekabete Dayanan Avantajlar

Our approach is simple, to make whatever we touch great, relatable and build a long lasting impression enough to echo beyond the subset of a simplistic market solution. We want to go the extra mile, we want to become part of peoples lives. We love people and what people consume is important to us. ID Lab Brand was founded in 2015, we believe in the evolution of brands, and how they grow into higher levels of fulfilment, in usage and potential in both emerging markets and global economies. Our philosophy is to be honest and to tell the stories, the real way they should be told, about the things that matter the most. 

Network açıklaması

Over the years we have seen the great narrative of brands and communications environment becoming strong year on year. The creative space became a part of expressing a companies interest in gaining consumer loyalty and positioning a product within a mind space. The creative process is still as exciting as ever before, with more and more people taking ownership of the brands that they consume therefore channeling a stronger position of ownership, control and ultimate buying power. We want you to judge us by our cover, because nothing makes us more proud then who we truly are. 

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