BaşlıkWaiting Wins
Başlık (ana dil)Retards gagnants
BriefCANAL+ launched ”Waiting Wins” a creative data activation in the heart of Geneva airport. In real-time, all flight data is collected by the Airport and sent to the ”Waiting Wins” platform which detects and analyses all delayed flights. Then it broadcasts targeted messages related to passengers waiting times at all relevant boarding gates. To download the top-notch contents, passengers only need to go to the ”Waiting Wins” platform and enter their flight numbers. It only takes a few seconds to check flight data... then it generates an access code matching the length of the passenger’s delay to offer him tailored content for free.
Kampanya Waiting Wins
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hikaye Much heavier traffic during holidays, lack of air traffic controllers, overcrowded airports... It is during this period that aircraft delays accumulate the most at airports. Based on this truth, CANAL+ Switzerland and its Havas Village Geneva agency have decided to take action by offering the "Retard Gagnant" activation, which transforms travellers' waiting time into a pure moment of entertainment.
felsefe CANAL+ recipe to start your holiday off right.
Sonuç Throughout the summer, passengers at Geneva airport were able to take advantage of this activation based on a unique creative idea combining technology and data analysis. To do this, CANAL+ Switzerland analysed aircraft delays in real time and offered passengers tailor-made content based on their waiting times. To enjoy this offered content, they simply had to enter their flight numbers on the digital platform " Retard Gagnant ".
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