BaşlıkAlpha Bravo Collins
Kampanya Aerospace Redefined
Reklamcı Iris Worldwide
Marka Collins Aerospace
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
hikaye United Technologies completed an acquisition of Rockwell Collins, resulting in the largest aerospace supplier ever: Collins Aerospace. Iris was enlisted to build the merging parties new brand. ​
felsefe In an industry where blue skies, distorted angles and over-designed renderings reigned, Collins opted for the opposite: minimalism. A sleek, stark brand helped eschew the company’s complexity and instead show the massive emotional impact of aerospace on the world.
Sorun The high contrast black & white photography, limited palette and simple lines were a true manifestation of Collins’ brand purpose: redefining aerospace. They were changing the way we look at the industry – moving from manufactured and corporate to profound and promising.
Sonuç ​ The foundation of any Iris brand is the Passionate Purpose – our framework for uncovering and defining a brand’s reason for being. ​ ​ For Collins Aerospace, it was: Unleashing intelligence. Elevating relationships. Redefining aerospace.​ ​ It was important for the Collins team that we emphasize partnership and customer-driven solutions, as it was the personal dedication paired with vast expertise that would fuel the final outcome: redefining aerospace. ​
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