BaşlıkLive Every Mo-Mint
Kampanya Life's Too Short for Sensitivity
Reklamcı GlaxoSmithKline
Marka Sensodyne
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Sektör Toothpaste
hikaye Sensodyne®, the #1 dentist-recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth, believes that life is too short for sensitive teeth. So, for National Ice Cream Day on July 18th, they helped sensitivity sufferers enjoy every cold bite with the #LiveEveryMomint Sweepstakes. Featuring their own branded ice cream, the contest rewarded everyone who tweeted with a chance to win the Ultimate Ice Cream Moment plus 1 of 500 ice cream kits.
In collaboration with Nye’s Cream Sandwiches, Wunderman Thompson developed a unique Vanilla Mint with White Chocolate Ribbons ice cream flavor. The team brought Sensodyne’s #LiveEveryMomint sweepstakes to life through a 360 social media campaign.
Here’s a quote from our Wunderman Thompson creative team on this collaboration: 
“Winning brands lead with humanity and leverage culture to engage their audiences,” said Paul Galbraith, Associate Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson. “National Ice Cream Day was a great opportunity to put an innovative spin on Sensodyne’s global platform of ‘Life’s Too Short for Sensitivity’. Many brands innovate with extensions in the food and drink space, but this wasn’t just about creating a unique-flavored product. It’s about owning Sensodyne’s commitment to helping you live your best life without sensitivity.”
“Family-run ice cream purveyors Nye’s Cream Sandwiches were a dream partner on this campaign,” said Marlene Saunders, Senior Art Director at Wunderman Thompson. “Using toothpaste as our inspiration, we wanted to give people a taste of mint they’ve never experienced before. Nye's took our vision and produced a homemade, vanilla Mint with White Chocolate Ribbons ice cream flavor that reminds sensitivity sufferers of why they love ice cream in the first place.”
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