BaşlıkTwist'd Q Campaign
Kampanya Twist'd Q Campaign
Reklamcı Old World Spices
Marka Twist'd Q Rubs and Seasonings
PostedOcak 2021
Slogan The secret ingredient to building a BBQ brand? Authenticity.
felsefe To leverage the fact that our rubs were competition-tested, we crafted a story around the tagline “Make it Unbeatable.” This let customers know that they too could create award-winning BBQ and look like an expert to friends and family by simply using our rubs and seasonings.

To get the product in the hands and on the grills of our consumers, we focused on trial and awareness through direct mail sampling, print and strategic couponing tactics.
Sorun As a new brand with little equity, Twist’d Q had to get shoppers to choose their product over the well-known corporate brands that have dominated the seasoning and spice category for years.
11.35 pts in seasonings category

4.3 pts in rubs category
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