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We join the dots between people, brands + culture.

Amplify create big ideas, campaigns, experiences and platforms designed to be amplified at every touchpoint and across the entire marketing mix.

We are a 'home for creative people and clients' on a shared mission to join 'the dots between people, brands and culture'. We know we have two clients, both the brands that give us the killer briefs and the often hard-to-reach audiences they're trying to engage. Through our campaigns, we find cultural spaces where a brand and audience can come together to create conversation, community and culture - building loyalty and long-term relationships.

>>> Fast forward to today.

We share the belief that brands + audiences need a new type of creative agency.

Traditional advertising isn’t resonating with audiences as it once did, the world is fast-moving, 3D and co-authored, yet so many brand guidelines remain static, 2D and didactic. More often than not, we not only co-own and co-create our brands with our audiences. We now need to consider how the tools available to us as brands, and audiences as fans, have moved things on. As a creative industry need to get ready for a new generation of prompt poets.

>>> Introducing worldbuilding.

As we continue to pioneer 'breaking formats' it got us thinking and talking about 'building worlds' and 'creating culture' that live beyond individual campaigns. We believe that by approaching brand campaigns through the lens of worldbuilding, brands can create even more compelling and engaging environments for stories and audiences to inhabit.

>>> Our competitive advantages

Most recently, we took home three Campaign Global Agency of the Year titles across both creative and brand experience categories. Judges praised Amplify "as a shining light to the industry.” And highlighted our creativity “...across many different sectors showing true innovation, brand experience-led thinking, and execution”.

Our success is all due to the incredibly talented people who choose to call Amplify home and the result of our longstanding client relationships who offer us widening remits at both a local and global level. 

Network açıklaması

Not only are we inspired and influenced by the world surrounding us, but our ambition is to help our clients move cultures forward to create positive and long-lasting impact.

We think globally but activate locally, have hubs in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Sydney and operate all over the world. This enables us to operate a borderless agency that collaborates across markets to activate global campaigns for our clients, allowing us to offer a global perspective with allowance for local market nuance. 


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