Brontosauři v Himalájích - "Physics board" by PHNX Tribute 2020

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BaşlıkPhysics board
Kampanya Physics
Reklamcı Brontosaurus
Marka Brontosauři v Himalájích
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Ürün Brontosauři v Himalájích
Sektör State Education
hikaye Brontosaurus in Himalayas is a Czech NGO educating local people in Mulbekh, small village in Little Tibet. in 2020 they are about to finish a new school science lab there. And they desperately need teachers. But how to convince Czech teachers to travel 6.700 km just to do ther job especially during the summer break: IDEA: Being a teacher in Little Tibet is quite different than in the Czech Republic. Not just because of the weather or high alttitude. The main difference are the kids. Eagerly waiting to learn something new. Even physics. Probably the most difficult and hated school subject on Earth. EXECUTION: An online video of little kids in Little Tibet "misbehaving" by doing physics experiments. And because they have no one to teach them properly, they usually fail. A lot. Which of course drives their parents crazy. So they send message to the Czech Republic asking for anybody who can master "the magic of physics" to come there and stop the madness. RESULTS: 100.000 views and 2.000 shares in less than 24 hours 700.000 views and 7.500 shares in a week More than 1.200.000 people reached just on Facebook (Czech population on Facebook: 5,3 mio.) Made it to the main news and morning shows on national TVs. Former presidental candidate signed up as one of the volunteers.
Medya Türü Case Study
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