Slumber on the Russian Express

When Ikea turned a night train into a cosy hotel on wheels.

Everyone knows that sleep is good for body and soul. And one of the best places to catch some Zs is on a train, where motion and vibration can lull you into a pleasant snooze. Except that some trains are more…well…comfy than others. The legendary night train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg may sound romantic, but its interior design left something to be desired. Enter Ikea, which took over the train and decorated each compartment with its products, all in different styles. Additions included a soft rug on the floor and some nibbles for midnight snacks. You could even programme your own lullaby. So from February 17 to March 6, travellers experienced Ikea’s “Sleep Better” strategies for themselves. And got a great night’s shuteye, even while whizzing over the rails.