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Hein Becht

Hein Becht

Partner/Joint CEO Scan International Netherlands

telefon: (+31) 020-6930930

Joanne Davis

Joanne Davis

CEO Joanne Davis Consulting

telefon: (+1) 917.902.7804

Dan Pearlman

Dan Pearlman

CEO/Managing Partner Bob Wolff Partners/TPG

telefon: 310.260.1340

Fabrice Valmier

Fabrice Valmier


telefon: +33 1 41 43 70 10

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About SCAN International Network

The effectiveness of international marketing and advertising largely depends on the quality of the agencies employed. And on the quality of the relationships with and between those agencies. With the often growing number of international and local agencies retained, managing and optimizing your agency portfolio has become a vital area of expertise.

SCAN International is the first client agency consultancy formed by experts from multi-cultural backgrounds and more than 25 years in experience in this field. Our understanding of global markets allows us to provide the best service consultations in international client/agency matters.

SCAN International provides:
• Proven track record with multinational clients
• Intimate knowledge of the multinational agency landscape
• Extensive experience with different languages and cultures
• The most senior team of consulting partners 


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Full service consulting in client/agency management including:

· Agency Policy and Rationalization
· Agency Search and Selection
· Agency Contract, Compensation and Performance Incentives
· Client Marketing Communications Optimization and Training
· Client /Agency Performance: Evaluation and Optimization

Agency Policy and Rationalization

Before you decide on hiring or firing agencies on your roster, it makes sense to establish which agency management structure fits your business and organization best. We can help analyze your needs and advise on your options.

By looking closely at your structures, strategy, service needs and mapping out all marketing services companies presently employed, we will answer the question whether they all add value or too many of them merely cost. Or whether a different overall structure would be more beneficial to your company.

Agency Search and Selection

Every client wants the “best” agencies, yet “best” is in the eyes of the beholder and often subjective. We believe in spending the necessary time upfront on needs assessment, after which we can identify the right agency candidates. You are ensured of solid, independent input during the briefing stages, a thorough understanding of the process, unique global to local expertise and knowledge of what expertise and talent is available.

Many of our clients hire us to help with new agency on boarding to ensure that the issues of the past are not repeated with new agencies across markets, regionally or locally.

Agency Contracts, Compensation and Performance Incentives

We believe that business arrangements with agencies should be fair and motivating. Once the scope of work and the “rules of engagement” are defined, translating that into a contract that suits all markets involved is still not an easy task. Within our international team we have been involved in the development and review of hundreds of contracts for relationships in a large variety of markets.

Our advice is to address contract and compensation issues early on in the process prior to the appointment of a new agency.

More and more clients and agencies are interested in some form of PBR (Performance Based Remuneration). We have vast experience in every compensation model, even for complex organizations where the agency’s work isn’t the only contribution to success.

Client Marketing Communications Optimization and Training

Changing an agency is only successful when you are sure of two things.1: your performance as a client is up to quality standards. 2: you have tried everything, but your present agency no longer meets your needs.

If the root cause of issues with agencies is internal at the client, our partners have deep experience in “saving the relationship” via consulting and training workshops. Root causes can be quickly identified by the employment of CAPO (see below).

Client /Agency Performance: Evaluation and Optimization

In our experience, many client agency relationships can deliver far better results once you have identified all areas of improvement. We offer tools and techniques to make successful 360 evaluations a reality and help optimize the joint performance. Not just based on opinions but on verifiable facts as well, thus contributing to transparency and accountability. Hiring and firing your agencies often implies going back to square one. Why not build on your investment by optimizing the present performance? We are happy to share our unique CAPO (Client/ Agency Performance Optimization) system, based on a proprietary system that was nominated for the EU IT prize for innovation. 

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