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PostedMayıs 2013
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About AlmapBBDO

One phrase summarizes AlmapBBDO's 21 years of work: “We think before doing.” It represents the natural blend of two strengths, Planning and Creation, which together generate the great communication ideas. Ideas that help brands win the consumer's admiration and preference.
AlmapBBDO does that in a straightforward and simple way, seeking the original insight to be the basis of an idea that conquers the consumer and is capable of changing his or her attitudes and habits. It already did that when there were only four or five points of contact between advertisers and the public. And it does that to date, using the infinite communication channels to reach the consumer.
AlmapBBDO knows how to generate visibility for its clients' brands, regardless of the scenario, occasion, if its in Brazil or abroad. Many of its campaigns are aired and published in dozens of countries. AlmapBBDO's work has won awards that have made of it the most awarded Brazilian agency in the world since 1999, according to the Gunn Report. It has continuously been among the 10 most awarded agencies in the world since 1998, when the study started being published. AlmapBBDO also has won 201 Lions at the Cannes Festival. On the Internet, it is among the most awarded in the world too.

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