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About Venables Bell + Partners

Venables Bell + Partners is a leading independent agency with headquarters in San Francisco, and outposts in New York and Austin. The agency, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is driven by a core mission of delivering outsized impact for brands and businesses including clients Audi, Chipotle, 3M, and Reebok. VB+P has been included in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List, named one of AdAge’s top ten A-List agencies and Best Places to Work, and Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year. 

Latest News

Amidst the professional basketball trading season, Opendoor’s “Traded” promises a less stressful moving process

Venables Bell + Partners latest campaign for digital real estate platform, Opendoor, highlights how Opendoor empowers everyone – including professional athletes – to seize all of life's opportunities without letting the traditional real estate process hold them back. 

In this new era of player empowerment, athletes switch teams and cities at a moment's notice while fans, traditional media, and social media churn to keep track of every move. February 2023 may go down as one of the wildest trade seasons in the history of the NBA, with 28 teams trading 58 players. At the center of this, the Phoenix Suns made a blockbuster trade for one of the biggest superstars in the league.

"Traded" delivers an entertaining take on an all too familiar moment in professional sports, the player press conference, showing what happens when an athlete finally stops giving boilerplate answers and starts speaking their mind about the often sensationalized topic of trades. In doing so, Opendoor highlights the universal truth that whether you're a superstar or a regular Joe or Jane, moving remains one of the most stressful experiences in life.

Opendoor and VB+P collaborated with acclaimed director Clay Weiner and Biscuit Films to create a teaser spot that dropped during the February 9th NBA Trade Deadline, as well as the final videos. As an official sponsor of the Phoenix Suns, Opendoor has launched the new "Traded" spot, in anticipation of the Phoenix Suns’ new star player joining their lineup, and the long-form film launching online. 

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