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About Dare

Dare is an experience, design and engineering company that bridges the gap between human and digital interactions.We've been creating awesome work since 2000, and branched out into new and exciting areas when we teamed up in 2015 with Inside Ideas Group. We're here to make your digital life easier with key services including UX, design, branding, product development, content, data, search and SEO. 

Latest News

A day in the life of... CEO of a digital creative agency

Michael Olaye is CEO of Dare and Group CTO at Inside Ideas Group.

A day in his life consists of meetings and arcade games, all as part of an egalitarian agency philosophy. Let's find out more...

Econsultancy: Please describe your job: What do you do?
Michael Olaye: I have two roles. I’m the group CTO of Inside Ideas Group, and for that role I basically make sure the technology and digital vision, as well as the digital strategy of the group, is aligned. Its agencies are all varieties of the ‘inside model’, which embeds bespoke, in-house agencies within our clients’ offices to work at an efficient, creative and highly collaborative level. Given the range of agencies within the Group, they perform radically different functions with their own individual tech stacks; we share data across all these platforms, so I make sure they work together efficiently.

My work as Dare’s CEO involves leading my team of digital experts, recreating digital solutions and products and harnessing behavioral science, with clients spanning the entire spectrum of digital. 

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