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About Carmichael Lynch

We create the unfair ideas that give our clients the unfair advantage. The game-changers. The never-been-done-befores. The can-they-even-do-thats? Sometimes: they’re great big ideas that transform entire organizations. Sometimes: they’re nimble little ideas that hijack a conversation. Always, always, always: they have an outsized impact. Unfair ideas let us do more with less. They’re contagious. They’re talked about. One day, those ideas will be the norm, but today, they’re unfair. 

Latest News

Subaru Launches Its Biggest Vehicle Ever with New Campaign that Highlights Family, Fun and Adventure

Subaru of America, Inc. today debuted a new creative campaign centered around the launch of the all-new 2019 Ascent. The new advertising spots showcase the automaker's latest three-row SUV and give viewers an intimate look into the lives of three different Ascent owners, highlighting the vehicles versatility, comfort, and safety.

“At Subaru, our goal is always to develop vehicles that are safe, reliable and fun. The 2019 Ascent offers customers all of that along with new features that make this vehicle unique,” said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. “The all-new Ascent advertising campaign showcases the love, dependability and life-affirming moments that matter most to our Subaru drivers.”

From bringing the entire family together, to protecting the most precious memories with them, the spots highlight that those behind the wheel of an Ascent can rely wholeheartedly on their Subaru keeping their family safe and comfortable. Built on the new Subaru Global Platform, the Ascent expands on the brand’s pedigree of safety and reliability with Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology standard on every trim level.
The new television spots, created by Carmichael Lynch on behalf of Subaru of America, will begin rolling out today and will reach full national distribution in October as part of a larger campaign including engaging partnerships and activations to further bring the content to life. The :30s and :60s format spots, directed by two-time DGA Commercial Director of the Year, Martin De Thurah, highlight three experiences in which the Subaru Ascent excels as a family SUV with its spacious cabin, Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and superior safety features with the Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, as detailed below:

• "Dream Big" – Two concerned parents struggling to reconnect with their teenage daughter set out to recapture her sense of wonder and rekindle her imagination in an effort to inspire her to dream big. Thankfully, the all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent is big enough and capable enough to overcome any obstacle—including the teenage years.

• "Big Day Out" – A curiously precocious little girl leads a big family around town to visit her favorite spots. Three generations ride together in one spacious SUV, the all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent, to share an afternoon filled with laughter, learning, and most of all, love. At the end of the day, we realize there’s a lot more to this little girl than meets the eye.

• “Important Moments” – They say life flashes before your eyes in a near-death experience. In this cinematic, suspenseful commercial, we witness a father recall a burst of tender family moments in an instant—precisely the time it takes his Subaru Ascent’s EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology safety feature to engage. As the flashbacks build to a tension-inducing crescendo, we’re snapped back to reality, only to breathe a sigh of relief knowing his overprotective Subaru stopped short of danger, saving his family and ensuring more precious memories to come.

These spots are available to view on Subaru of America’s YouTube channel here:

In addition to the spots, the all-new Subaru Ascent creative campaign will include a handful of partnerships including BuzzFeed, NBCUniversal, and Amazon. As part of their partnership with Buzzfeed and NBCUniversal, the Subaru Ascent will be featured in custom content created for the companies’ new co-owned platform, Playfull. The content will share road trip tips, provide back-to-school hacks and highlight growing up in a big family. Additionally, through the NBCUniversal partnership, a Subaru Ascent will be present on the Today Show plaza for a back-to-school segment featuring tips for families gearing up for the return to class.

Rounding out the campaign, Subaru is partnering with Amazon to create a custom co-branded landing page featuring Ascent and Amazon products together. The page will house the Playfull video that includes an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, as well as information about the Ascent and Alexa-enabled products that can be used within the car. Starting in late September, the Ascent will be front and center in a co-branded campaign across some of Amazon’s highest-profile media placements, including the Amazon homepage unit, Amazon Fire Tablet, and Fire TV.

For more information on the all-new Subaru Ascent and the advertising campaign, please visit 

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