BaşlıkEdible Chopsticks
BriefDisposable chopsticks endanger our health (as they're whitened with chemicals), and nature (due to deforestation). And for what? A single use of 25 minutes on average, before being thrown away. So why are people still using them? Because there is no alternative, obviously. In fact there is. Introducing Edible Chopsticks: chopsticks you can actually eat.
Kampanya Edible Chopsticks
Reklamcı Alibaba
Marka Eleme

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PostedAğustos 2018
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Medya Türü Case Study
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About FF Shanghai

FF Shanghai is an independent creative boutique agency headed by Feng Huang, MD and Partner. FF Shanghai is part of the FF network which has 4 offices (Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai and Paris).
Since its launch, FF has created and produced campaigns for more than 200 brands such as 24 Sèvres, Airbnb, Alibaba, Audemars Piguet, Audi, Carambar, Club Med, Didi, Eleme, Google, Huawei, HP, Louis XIII, Momo, Netease Games, Porsche, PUBG, Saint Laurent, Sea Shepherd, Supercell, Taobao, Tencent, Tmall, vivo, wechat, Youku. FF has won more than 850 Creative and Business Efficiency Awards and more than 30 honorary titles. 

Latest News

FF Shanghai agence lead de Magnum en Chine

FF Shanghai a été choisie par la marque Magnum (groupe Unilever) pour être son agence lead sur le marché chinois (brand strategy, creation, activation). L'agence créative fondée par Fred & Farid et dirigée par Feng Huang travaille sur une plateforme de communication dont le lancement est programmé au printemps-été 2020. 

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