BaşlıkGood Taste With A Twist
Kampanya Good Taste With A Twist
Reklamcı Kronenbourg
Marka 1664 Blanc

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About Fold7

We like to think of ourselves as a 21st Century advertising agency, focused very much on 21st Century consumers.
Our guiding principle is ambition. It’s the filter that we apply to everything we do – ambition for our clients’ businesses, for the talent we employ, and for the work we produce. We work well with clients who have big ambitions because that’s where the best ideas come alive.
Welcome to the Fold. 

Latest News

Fold7 hand-picked as Magners' creative agency

Magners becomes the latest brand to appoint Fold7 as their creative agency following talks with a number of shops.

Having revived the cider category in the 2000s; pioneering the over ice serve and increasing cider sales in the UK by making the drink fashionable, the Irish cider brand has called upon Fold7 to execute and develop a new creative strategy that will help it stand out in what’s become an increasingly competitive market.

The opportunity will take Magners to the next phase of its development. “Magners is steeped in history and is the original game-changing brand within this category. Our ambition is to create a real step-change for the brand,” explains our CEO, Marc Nohr.

“We need an agency that can demonstrate first class strategic thinking and game changing creative ideas to breathe new live into Magners,” comments Andy Cross, brand director at Magners. We have been really impressed with how Fold7 have embraced the challenge as they prove to be the ideal partner to help us achieve our future ambitions for Magners.”

The work will extend across above-the-line, print and outdoor campaigns, as well as sponsorship opportunities kicking off in late July. . 

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