BaşlıkDuck and Snowman's Christmas Adventure
Kampanya Duck and Snowman
Reklamcı PluckStudio
Marka Duck & Snowman

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About PluckStudio

Pluck (noun): heart & courage. Pluck's also a Los Angeles & New York video content studio. We're loved by 12 Fortune 500s, global brands, world-changer nonprofits, and select startups.

Latest News

PluckStudio Launches Animation Division with “Duck & Snowman's Christmas Adventure”

PluckStudio has added an animation division to bring short and long-form animated commercial production and original entertainment to the content studio’s clientele of brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Pluck’s CEO Patrick Ortman says “Animation is something I’ve wanted to add to our storytelling toolkit for a long time- back in the day, I played with 3D using Electric Image and Alias|Wavefront while helping to create some of the web’s early interactive and animated stories. But the costs to deliver the kind of high-quality projects I envisioned made animation a tough sell to Pluck’s partners and clients. The global pandemic changed everything, for all of us. And along with the pain of the global production slowdown we had an opportunity to think strategically about what we really wanted to do instead of just reacting to the jobs that came our way. So we built an animation pipeline that helps us keep costs reasonable by incorporating full body and facial motion capture. We wanted to make something positive out of 2020.”

That something positive can be seen in Pluck’s first animated project, released today. It’s a short children’s story called “Duck & Snowman's Christmas Adventure”.

“The idea was to create something positive and warm. I figure we could all use a bit of that right now. I wanted to create something that called back to the look and feel of one of those classic Rankin-Bass holiday specials, but updated” says Ortman “And for me the music really mattered, too. I started out as a musician, music is close to my heart. The great song ‘Christmas Time’ we found by ‘Ants Ants Ants’ absolutely helped drive our creative approach.”

“Duck & Snowman's Christmas Adventure” can be seen below or on YouTube at

Patrick continues “My partners and I are excited that animation is part of Pluck's mix now along with our established, award-winning live-action production and VFX”.

To learn more or engage Pluck for your next animated project, visit 

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