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About INNOCEAN Europe

As a full-service agency, INNOCEAN Europe works across disciplines in the areas of digital communication, social media, strategic consulting, advertising, brand experience, brand identity and design, trade marketing, CRM, ad tech, data, insights and analytics. 

Latest News

Reporters Without Borders Germany launches “The First Speech” campaign, warning voters to keep a close eye on autocrats disguised as democrats.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Reporters Without Borders Germany (RSF) launches “The First Speech” – a campaign exposing the hopeful,

beautiful words used by modern autocrats when becoming presidents, but who

quickly turn against human rights and independent journalism. An observation that is supported by the campaign's tagline "The loss of freedom is never obvious at first.".

The initiative is strategically launched during a pivotal moment for democracy: 2024 is the biggest electoral year in history, with over 80 countries holding elections and an estimated 4 billion voters heading to the polls.  

Created by Innocean Berlin in collaboration with Stink Films Berlin, the campaign includes a series of films, posters, digital out-of-home, and social media.

In the three films, directed by Giordano Maestrelli, we hear segments from the very first speeches of Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Nicolás Maduro when becoming presidents, each filled with pretty promises about safeguarding freedom and democracy. With cinematography by Konrad Losch, the visuals portray citizens from these countries tuning into their newly elected leaders through radio or TV, on the day when the speech took place. The films will air in movie theatres in Germany and RSF Germany’s YouTube channel. 

The campaign's call-to-action "Trust the Free Press. Not Pretty Words” underscores the urgent need to rely on independent journalism as a weapon against autocratic manipulation and calls on audiences to support press freedom by donating to RSF.

The long copy posters and digital out-of-homes utilises the same first

speeches, only this time in contrast with pictures of journalists from Russia, Turkey and Venezuela, including World Press Photo awarded Bülent Kılıç, in the exact moment they found themselves detained or targeted by the then-turned oppressive government.

Gabriel Mattar, CCO of Innocean Berlin about the project:

“Reporters Without Borders turns 30 years in 2024 and that also culminates

with the biggest election year in history. To mark the occasion, we decided to

remind everyone that the free press is fundamental to have a democracy with educated voters. Because the loss of freedom is not always obvious at first."

Sylvie Ahrens-Urbanek, Head of Communications at RSF Germany:

“During a crucial year for democracy, we wanted to pay tribute to it with a strong message that reflects our commitment to point fingers at those who go against independent journalism and human rights.”

Moritz Merkel, Executive Producer at Stink Films Berlin says: “As a film producer, there's a profound thrill in steering projects that champion democracy and uphold the sanctity of a free press. Every frame becomes a testament to the power of storytelling in shaping societies and safeguarding our liberties”,

”It's not just about making movies; it's about amplifying voices that challenge, inspire, and ignite change, reminding us that in the pursuit of truth, press becomes a potent force for democracy” adds Florian Hülbig, Head of Stink Rising Berlin.

View the full campaign here.

About Innocean Berlin

INNOCEAN Worldwide, launched in 2005 as the marketing vanguard for Hyundai Motor Group, evolved rapidly into a true global marketing communications company, with almost 3,000 employees and a worldwide network consisting of 29 overseas operations.

Its European network, with more than 350 employees from 30+ nationalities, builds bespoke international teams in proximity to clients across its offices in Frankfurt am Main (also serving as the regional HQ), London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Moscow and Istanbul.

The agency has accelerated its expansion since the set-up of a European Creative Hub in Berlin. In 2018, it hired Gabriel Mattar and Ricardo Wolff as European COO and ECD respectively, to lead a tight-knit, award-winning international creative team based at the Hackescher Markt.


About Reporters Without Borders Germany

Since 1994 the German section of Reporters without Borders has been active from Berlin. The Reporters Without Borders association is part of the international organisation Reporters sans frontières (RSF), founded in 1985 and headquartered in Paris. The German section of Reporters Without Borders is organizationally and financially independent. Together with the international secretariat in Paris, Reporters Without Borders Germany investigates violations of media freedom worldwide, evaluates them, documents them and coordinates international campaigns and actions. Reporters Without Borders Germany is financed through donations and membership fees as well as through the sale of their photo book.

For more information please contact - Fabio Niewelt, Media and Public Relations Assistant at Reporters Without Borders Germany (RSF) -

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