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PostedMayıs 2024
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Celebrity / actor Ice Cube

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We are a cultural engine for 21st-century businesses. We create Disruptive ideas that locate and involve brands in culture, giving them a larger share of the future. We are a full-service marketing and communications agency offering brand strategy, communications planning, search and analytics, digital, social, branding and design, as well as a world-class in-house production studio called Grizzlee. Our partners include Apple, Gatorade, McDonald’s, Intuit Quickbooks, IMAX, Principal, Supercuts, UNIQLO, and more. We are continually growing and evolving in response to fast-moving contemporary culture, the needs of our clients, and a rapidly evolving competitive set.
BORN IN THE WESTAt a time when Madison Avenue was the only place for ad agencies to do business, we opened our doors on the West Coast, and have never looked back. Being on the West Coast has always represented a pioneering and optimistic outlook, and now allows us to connect with the tech culture that stretches from LA to SF to Seattle and is influencing the way the world works.
LOCATE AND INVOLVEThis is how we describe our role in working with brands. It’s important for us to understand the purpose each of our brands has in the world, the emotional spaces they occupy in people’s hearts and minds, and how they play a role in their lives. Once we understand where they live, then we think about how we can continue to involve them in contemporary culture. 

Latest News

DIRECTV's new national advertising campaign touts the ability to stream DIRECTV



DIRECTV, a leading provider of sports and entertainment for 30 years, today rolled out a national advertising campaign educating consumers on the the ease and benefits of streaming DIRECTV satellite-free.

Shouting from the literal rooftops, DIRECTV has launched the all-new national advertising campaign aptly titled, “For The Birds” which speaks to the ability to enjoy all the benefits of DIRECTV via a high-speed internet connection.

The campaign kicks off with a :30 hero television spot titled “The Good Stuff” featuring the outspoken and sarcastic “Bobby,” voiced by Steve Buscemi, and an even-tempered, optimistic “Frank,” voiced by Henry Winkler.

“For the past 30 years consumers have trusted DIRECTV to bring them their entertainment and sports both at home and on the go, and the launch of today’s campaign clearly illustrates that DIRECTV is available today with or without a satellite dish,” said Vince Torres, DIRECTV chief marketing officer. “This new campaign allows the ease of use of DIRECTV to take center stage, through the humor and plight of Bobby and Frank, who are among the first to notice the change and then take a clever approach to explaining it to consumers.”

The two perturbed pigeons find themselves reminiscing like a couple of experienced New Yorkers who learn the family living below their normal “shelter” signed up to watch all the best in sports and entertainment from DIRECTV using an internet connection instead of a satellite signal.

Without a satellite dish on the roof, “Bobby” and “Frank” are dumbfounded as they’re unable to fathom the current situation that’s left them without their typical shelter from the rain, a bird bath, and place to do their business, while the family inside enjoys the sports and entertainment they have come to love all along while utilizing DIRECTV.

“Showing the absence of something is tricky,” said Jason Karley, executive creative director at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA. “So the team thought about who would miss satellite dishes the most. Who spends enough time on roofs and ledges to notice? How about two street-smart, voyeur pigeons who take issue with some great news from DIRECTV.”

DIRECTV introduced its Gemini streaming device in early 2023, followed by the Gemini Air in mid-2023, and both streaming devices build on the already exceptional picture quality and all-access entertainment experience available from DIRECTV.

The wirelessly-connected Gemini devices can be set up in minutes and delivers a robust sports offering, including “DIRECTV Sports Central,” while providing a super-aggregation tool that eliminates the need to switch between TV inputs and offering 4K content* across a customers’ favorite third-party apps, including Amazon Prime, Max and Netflix.

In addition to the “The Good Stuff” hero spot, the campaign, conceived by DIRECTV in conjunction with TBWA/Chiat/Day/LA, will feature an MLB-focused “Socks” spot. This :15 spot leans heavily on DIRECTV carrying the most local professional baseball games of any provider* and will run alongside “The Good Stuff” on linear upon launch.

DIRECTV’s multi-platform, 360-degree campaign will provide consumers several touch points in digital, social, and experiential. “The Good Stuff” and “Socks” will be utilized in national linear TV buys, including ABC and ESPN’s NBA broadcasts, NHL games on Turner, and American Idol.

The campaign will come to life with digital out-of-home radio spots in bespoke high-impact placements across the United States while the experiential elements will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information on how to sign up for DIRECTV, to learn more about enjoying DIRECTV satellite free, and to check out “For The Birds,” please visit 

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