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Digital media agency and content shop, Ice Cream Social, was founded in 2020 by two ad agency strategists, Mike Weiss and Victoria Roedel. The duo...  Daha fazla oku


Anna Ward, an award-winning designer at Nelson Schmidt Inc, shares her journey in the industry and insights for growing as an artist.  Daha fazla oku


On the heels of the agency's refresh, we had the opportunity to chat with Renee Miller, Founder and Executive Creative Director at TMG, about this...  Daha fazla oku

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Honoring their brand promise of moving mountains for clients, Yamamoto embraces forward-thinking technology. Yamamoto's Chief Digital Officer, Jon...  Daha fazla oku

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John Forsyth, Copywriter at Critical Mass, speaks on dealing with times of high-stress, the creative process, and finding the space for a healthy...  Daha fazla oku


A huge opportunity is committing to investment in brand awareness and perception, and developing relationships with future potential buyers    Daha fazla oku

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Amplify’s Worldbuilding short film is an impressive articulation of the intersection between culture, brands, community, experience and legacy. ...  Daha fazla oku

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INNOCEAN Berlin’s new campaign, "Capa by AI", utilizes AI as the juxtaposition to the human eye, letting the work speak for itself, as we are shown...  Daha fazla oku

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Chatting with Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at WAR, Brien Holman, on their boundary-pushing creativity, we are given a glimpse behind the...  Daha fazla oku