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Lori Martin, VP and Group Creative Director at INNOCEAN USA on content creation

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Lori Martin
Vice President, Group Creative Director Innocean

Lori Martin, VP and Group Creative Director at INNOCEAN USA, delves into some tips on creating content that is authentic to the brand's value and reaches the audience in a natural way.


Content is the bridge between you and your audience. How do you anticipate and then integrate the right topics for your audience while maintaining a consistent brand voice?

Think about the content your audience is already consuming and start there. And then integrate a POV that is consistent with your brand’s values that is authentic to your brand voice. People can easily feel it when brand content is awkward – the brand is trying to belong somewhere it just doesn’t or isn’t embracing it in a natural way.


What role does branding play in content marketing?

I think most people understand how advertising works, so they are not immediately closed off to branding when it shows up in content they consume. Branding should show up in the beginning so people can recognize who the content is coming from, and then remind them of it again at the end.

Not everything can be advertised the same way, which can require a different approach across clients. How does content affect the way something is marketed and how do you pivot to treat this?

Based on the product or service and the objective, I think it’s crucial to know who you want to reach and how they should receive the content. Telling a rich story to a passive-viewing audience? Think about long form content. Need engagement and awareness that jumps out of the feed? Short-form that is entertaining and gets to the point is probably your best bet.


Without giving away your secrets, what are some things that are integral to your internal checklist when creating content?

The biggest secret is to ask yourself, honestly, “is this something I’d watch or read?” If the answer is no, start over.


How do you strategize for the way audiences will want to interact with content in virtual realities, Web 3.0, and the metaverse? To what extent do you involve influencers and consumers in creating the brand narrative?

For emerging technologies and web3, there is a lot of new territory to explore and the best strategy I can see is to approach it with an open mind and align yourself with partners that share your brand’s objectives and values. Community building is important in any content space, so I can’t see how you wouldn’t involve influencers to help share it and consumers to nurture and evolve it.