RAPP and OPMG Hispanic ERG: Juntos teams up to celebrate the intersectionality of the Hispanic community

Paola Venturini, Senior Art Director at RAPP

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OPMG Juntos' HHM Mug Graphic | Photo courtesy of RAPP

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Paola Venturini
Senior Art Director RAPP NY

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we tapped multicultural agencies to learn more about their brand DNA and how they celebrate their culture through their work. Paola Venturini, Senior Art Director at RAPP, givs us a glimpse into RAPP's mission to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Can you tell us about your role and your journey to the position you are in now?

I’m a Senior Art Director at RAPP NY. I started at the company as an intern in Dallas 3 years ago, where I went full time, then transferred to the NY to become an Art Director. RAPP has been with me in all the steps of my career journey. 


In what ways does your heritage help to better inform your work and what parts of your work do you feel the most connected to?

My heritage helps me better inform my work by giving me awareness of other cultures and different audiences a product can have. Having a diversity hat on every work created is important to reach and connect with other people. 

What I feel most connected to in my work is the human aspect. Creating relatable concepts and finding joyful nuggets is what drives me and excites me most about my job as an Art Director. 


How does your agency effectively balance engaging Latino consumers across language spectrum and country of origin in brand communications?

I believe that at RAPP we're always striving to create concepts and assets that speak to universal truths. While the briefs might ask to target specific audiences, our ideas are usually relatable enough to be comprehended by everyone no matter their background. 


What efforts has your agency offered to support the Latino community in adland?

RAPP is continually collaborating with OPMG’s Hispanic ERG: Juntos, whose mission is to create awareness of the diversity and intersectionality of the Hispanic community. Throughout the year, they plan events including panels, workshops, and mixers to celebrate our heritage and meet Hispanics across OPMG's agencies. 

Cafecito Series Flyer | Photo courtesy of RAPP


What have been some of your favorite brand activations around HHM?

My favorite so far has been El Pollo Loco's initiative of encouraging fans to explore Hispanic cuisine beyond tacos. In early September, they held an event in LA's Plaza Cocina Museum, where guests dined on a menu prepared by a Mexican chef. In addition, they're celebrating the holiday by partnering with different influencers on their TikTok that will show different dishes and represent various Hispanic cultures.


Is there anything else you’d like to share about what your agency is up to this month?

RAPP, along with the ERG Juntos, partnered to create various events and assets for HHM. My favorites being: fun Teams backgrounds with messages alluding to Hispanic culture for people to use during their meetings and an online Loteria for colleagues to learn about this Mexican tradition.