Carbo Films

Los Angeles, United States

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905 E 2nd St Los Angeles
Los Angeles CA 90012
telefon: (+1) (310) 823-5400

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Carbo Films

905 E 2nd St Los Angeles
Los Angeles CA 90012
telefon: (+1) (310) 823-5400

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About Carbo Films

Carbo Films has delivered global creativity and award-winning production expertise to brands and agencies since 1992. Whether it’s kaleidoscopic visuals or sidesplitting comedy, Carbo’s directors find new ways to endear the biggest brands in the world to U.S., Latin American and international audiences. Home to veteran and emerging talent alike, the shop’s family feel provides the perfect environment for ideas and filmmakers to grow. Concepts of all scales are executed with artful precision across all media platforms. Time and time again, Carbo proves that powerful storytelling can inspire anybody, anywhere. 


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