New York, United States

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133 Spring Street
New York NY 10012
telefon: (+1) 212 775-0600

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Ödüller: 150


133 Spring Street
New York NY 10012
telefon: (+1) 212 775-0600

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About Framestore

We work with you to create amazing images that entertain, communicate, influence and shape people’s views about subjects as diverse as health, music, films, television and many aspects of our society.

We create our work by getting to know what you are aspiring to do with the images we are creating with you, by getting to know your business and its strategy, and by striving to always deliver images that delight and not only hit your brief but often exceed your expectations – those are the milestones we measure ourselves by.

With more than 600 colleagues our team and skills range from computer science graduates, through to world class producers, CG artists who innovate in both production methodology as well as imagery, software developers and creators who have deep insight to how to apply often complex technology solutions to the creative process.

We work with partner clients each year in most parts of the world, with colleagues often on location in over a dozen countries in any one year.

We continue to be pleased to see our work recognised both for the success that they help create for our clients (in box office or product sales) but also for artistic and strategic achievement – all three elements which we strive to achieve each time we work with you.

Our clients include most leading advertising agencies, Hollywood studios, and major brands such as Nokia, Coca Cola, Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Volkswagen and Cadbury. 


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